Should I worry? Well, worry is considered a waste of time. My mother used to say that worry is like a rocking chair. It goes back and forth but never gets you anywhere. OK, but that was before there was a pandemic, killer hornets and now an asteroid barreling toward Earth. Sure, getting stung by a hornet is probably not going to happen. But maybe I should worry about the coronavirus and an asteroid. One good thing, the evil, small rocky object that is supposed to come blasting into the Earth’s atmosphere probably will disintegrate before it lands. What are the chances of an asteroid making its way to Earth the day before the presidential election? Just par for the course when it comes to 2020. Anything that is strange, weird and pretty much “unbelievable” is what this year has been all about. Sure, there are good things that happen every day. Yesterday I saw one of my barn cats lying on the back of my pony, while a raven sat on the stall fence watching. Just another day of “togetherness” in a world that lately seems to be spinning off course. Labor Day came and went, marking the official “end of summer.” Yet most people feel like summer was a bust and never really happened. That’s except for the heat, which seared our minds. We just missed those picnics, parties, weddings and vacations. As one friend told me, “Our suitcases miss us.” There are some bright spots. Soon pumpkin spice aromas will fill the air, cups of coffee and everything else around us. Pumpkins might get gooey if we put them outside now, but when we walk through the grocery stores and retail shops, we are reminded that fall is making its big approach. While the economy has been hurting from the shutdown, there are some bright spots. The sales of motor homes, boats and bicycles have skyrocketed. People just want to get outside! And folks are buying houses. It is no longer about purchasing a “dream home.” The real question is, “Can you see yourself quarantined in this house?” Oh yeah, the world is a bit strange right now. But let’s not worry. Getting back to that menacing asteroid, it is only supposed to be the size of a car. Sure, it only has a 50% chance of entering our atmosphere and would likely “burn up” before it could cause any damage. Not exactly like the crater that smashed to Earth causing the extinction of the dinosaurs. Oh, and this asteroid is planning to arrive the day before the election. In other words, it gives new meaning to “rock the vote.” Just one more exciting footnote to a surreal year that might end with a “bang.” There is one more twist to a strange year. While Halloween is the “spookiest day of all,” it rarely has a full moon. Except this October ushers in two full moons! The first occurs on October 1 and the second on the Day of Witches. Very strange, like 2020. But please don’t worry. Judy Bluhm is a writer and a local Realtor. Have a comment or a story? Email Judy at