Anthem Community Council board President Terry Mullarkey

Retired from IBM Corp., Anthem Community Council board President Terry Mullarkey has been in his position since April 2019.


elcome to the neighborhood!” When was the last time you gave out that kind greeting? How about the last time you heard your neighbor thank you for something? It’s great when you have good neighbors, but it is an even greater blessing to be one. Fortunately, in Anthem and the nearby areas, we have many. This roller coaster of a year has shown us that our communities coming together, even when we don’t always agree, is the best way to get through tough times.

Anthem has endured much in 21 short years—the low times of economic recession, major floods, fires and dealing with the impact of 9/11. There also have been high points that we all remember—special events, parades, the opening of many new amenities, many awards and honors, and the Anthem Veterans Memorial among them. The Foothills Focus has covered it all. This year, COVID-19 has impacted the lives and livelihoods of our business community, care facilities, residents, programs, sports, schools, churches, special events—it seems no area has gone untouched. And The Foothills Focus has covered it all.

The year is far from over; we face a plethora of issues that will try to divide us rather than unite us. But in the pages of this expanded publication, you’ll see ads and read stories about businesses working hard to stay open, schools continuing to impact the lives of our future leaders, places of worship serving those in need, public safety and first responders protecting us, and special moments like our planned New Year’s Eve fireworks that will allow us all to say goodbye to this year and welcome what we hope is a better, stronger 2021. 

The Foothills Focus will continue keep us all covered and connected—because that’s what good neighbors do. Now they will be doing it with arms that reach even wider—and so will the Anthem Community Council. Our staff and board are here to care for your resources and provide residents with a safe, beautiful community, filled with opportunity, in both the best and worst of times. My hope is that we all will continue to serve each other with truth, facts, transparency, hope and a neighborly smile—that is, after all, the Anthem Way.