Don’t look for a Broadway revival of Irving Berlin’s musical “Annie Get Your Gun” anytime soon. New York’s “Great White Way” has become the “Great Woke Way,” so the show’s title would prove offensive to gun control advocates. 

Moreover, one of the musical’s classic tunes, “Doin’ What Comes Naturally,” contains lyrics that might prove troubling to the “trans community.”

“My tiny baby brother who’s never read a book/ Knows one sex from the other/ All he had to do was look!”

Strange that the movement is called “woke,” when it might better be described as “situational somnambulism.” Our culture is now called upon to collectively ignore reality — often in the most obvious of matters.

Right on cue, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) provided a paean to the politically correct but scientifically suspect. IOC Medical Director Richard Budgett sounded more like a social activist than a scientist when he claimed with a — presumably — straight face that “after 100 years of promoting women’s sport, it’s up to each of the international federations to ensure that they try and protect women’s sport.”

And how did Budgett “protect women’s sport”? By declaring “everyone agrees that trans women are women”!

But not “everyone agrees.” 

Physicians Michelle Cretella and Quentin Van Meter of the American College of Pediatricians decided to “school” the IOC through a recent column in The Daily Signal, pointing out that “genetics is why a male who self-identifies as a female remains male, and giving estrogen to a male does not transform him into a female.”

New Zealand’s Laurel Hubbard, a male athlete identifying as female who was named to the Kiwi Women’s Weightlifting Team, predictably offered verbal laurels and bouquets to the IOC, lauding “its commitment to making sport inclusive and accessible.”

Another New Zealand weightlifter, Tracey Lambrechs, took issue with Hubbard’s claim of inclusivity. Lambrechs said that her nation’s governing body for the sport took her out of her normal weight class due to the addition of Hubbard. “I was told if I wanted to go the the next Commonwealth Games, I would have to lose (almost 40 pounds) in three months or retire.”

Lambrechs chose retirement and, ironically, so did Hubbard, who finished last in Tokyo following three failed attempts at snatch lifts.

Neither transgender advocates nor those who champion traditional biology will retire gracefully from this ongoing controversy.

If anything, those who deny the biological fact of two genders are moving far beyond athletic competition, replacing sound science with political science. The board of trustees of the American Medical Association (AMA) recently passed a resolution that will direct the AMA to lobby for the end of any designation of sex in all future birth certificates.

Our neighboring state of California continues to border on a state of civic insanity.

A bill introduced in the State Assembly, AB-367, calls for public schools and universities to provide free menstrual products for men. The text of the bill reads in part that “California has an interest in promoting gender equity, not only for women and girls, but also for transgender men, nonbinary and gender-nonconforming people who may also menstruate and experience inequities from lack of access to menstrual products.”

All this consternation and legislation brings us back to “Annie Get Your Gun.”

The classic song “Anything You Can Do” was a charming take on the battle of the sexes. While it might ring hollow for today’s elites, both that song and the entire musical, as well the culture it helped entertain, are worth saving.

Rejecting agitation and embracing preservation would be “on target” in the arts and sciences … and athletics.