You, your neighbors, heck… even Aunt Mavis and Uncle Travis…  know all about the “strange bedfellows” that populate politics.

But it’s not the bedfellows who warrant watching… it’s the bedbugs.

Political bedbugs find their fulfillment in efforts aimed at “campaign infestation,” hoping to first deprive their targeted candidates of sleep — and eventually of votes.

A caterpillar becomes a butterfly through metamorphosis; a political bedbug undergoes a process that is completely reversed, metaphorically speaking.

Once a political “high flier,” often due to very generous financial backing or a famous family name (or both), the reclusive creature is soon attracted to the neon sign of Washington’s so-called “smart set.” 

Willing to trade principles for prominence, the previously promising public servant begins to echo the outlook of elites, forgetting the promises made and the priorities expressed by the folks “back home.”

It becomes quite problematic if “back home” isn’t really back home… if the luminary in question is much more comfortable living amidst the bright lights of the big city and all the attendant hubbub, instead of the quieter, simpler ways of the remote “residence.”

True residents of the aforementioned “residence” eventually respond harshly and justly. 

Simply stated, they find their voices through their votes.


The people speak and the one-time high flier is brought low.

The fall is a long one, and the landing rough, though not fatal.

But rather than being humbled and chastened, the soon-to-be former office holder wallows in self-pity, dependent on the accolades of the elites, who are happy to utter them loudly, if insincerely.

After all, there’s an ulterior motive afoot… one for which the now-vanquished, earthbound and publicly embarrassed “public servant” is uniquely equipped… if “handled” in a clever, faux compassionate manner.


And that promised vengeance is found through (you guessed it) voting.

Only now, the newly created political bedbug advocates voting for candidates anointed by the elites… candidates who will quickly disassociate with the newly motivated “pest” once the masterful manipulation is complete and any envisioned electoral advantage is realized or rejected.

Though she lost the GOP nomination for her seat in Congress, Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyoming) is the obvious nominee for “Political Bedbug of the Year.”

Egged on by the elites and her “new best friends” on the left, Liz has gone… well, “buggy.”

Her displeasure — some might say derangement — concerning Donald Trump remains unabated.

But for some reason, she now wants to insert herself into the race for governor here in Arizona.

Featured as the “closing keynote” at the “‘Texas Tribune’ Festival” Sept. 24, Liz lashed out at Kari Lake.

“I’m going to do everything I can to make sure Kari Lake is not elected,” the soon-to-be ex-congresswoman said.

Liz even said she would come to our state and campaign for the Democrats.

If that was supposed to be a threat, it failed miserably.

When informed of Rep. Cheney’s comments, the Arizona GOP nominee was jubilant.

Lake exclaimed, “I think she just gave me the biggest, best gift ever!”

Don’t look for the Dems to invite Liz Cheney here… and don’t expect Aunt Mavis or Uncle Travis to vote for Katie Hobbs either.

They’re behind Kari Lake, but they don’t think Liz Cheney is a political bedbug.

They call Liz by another name: RINO.