Opinion of Biden administration

You may not recall the name Paul Greenberg, but you certainly recall the nickname he bestowed on a politician who became president.

It was Paul Greenberg, in his newspaper column, who concocted the sobriquet “Slick Willie” to describe then-Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton. Gov. Clinton cast himself as a progressive reformer in a speech to the 1980 Arkansas Democratic Convention; Greenberg disagreed, calling Clinton a false reformer and making up the memorable moniker. “Slick Willie” stuck to Clinton and contributed to his defeat by Republican Frank White that November.

Of course, Clinton came back. In 1992, when he decided to make his move and run for president, Paul Greenberg made a move from the Pine Bluff Commercial to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette in Little Rock. From that newspaper’s editorial page, he made another prescient pronouncement. “When it comes to the Clintons,” he wrote, “don’t listen to what they say … watch what they do.”

Actually, that’s good advice for evaluating anyone in public office.

But in the case of Joe Biden and his cabinet, the advice should be modified in this fashion: Listen to what they say… at least, what they say again and again and again.

In a recent appearance before the Senate Homeland Security Committee, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas could not give Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) a specific count of the number of Haitians encamped under a border bridge in Del Rio, Texas or the total of Haitians who had already been admitted to the U.S. illegally from that location. Nor did Secretary Mayorkas provide the committee with updated information on the Afghan evacuees awaiting resettlement here, though he did apologize to Sen. Rob Portman (R-OH), saying, “You’re entitled to that information.”

But perhaps the most memorable moment in the hearing came when Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) confronted the Secretary of Homeland Security, pointing to more than 200,000 “border encounters” over two straight months. “Are you happy with what’s happening at the border now… Is this success?”

Secretary Mayorkas responded, “We have a plan. We’re executing on our plan, and we will continue to do so.”

That is the response that the HHS Secretary always offers and that part is true.

The Biden administration does have a plan. It is a plan to fundamentally change America and the way it will be done is by fundamentally changing who is American.

Illegal aliens are pouring across our southern border— though it may be inaccurate to even call it a border any longer. Our Border Patrol has been turned into a taxpayer-funded “Welcome Wagon” and babysitting service.

Incompetence? No.

Intentional? Yes.

Couple the ongoing influx from Mexico with the aforementioned arrival of evacuees from Afghanistan and forget the false claims of vetting those “newcomers” or checking them for COVID-19.

Joe Biden has a nation that he must “internationalize” and thereby neutralize on the world stage.

Fresh from the debacle of abandoning Americans in Afghanistan, and trusting the Taliban to insure their safety, Ol’ Joe was making his maiden speech at the United Nations while his DHS Secretary was testifying on Capitol Hill.

To the U.N. General Assembly, Mr. Biden proposed even more ways for America to waste more of your money. “Build back better world,” he called it; “Ending America as we know it” is more accurate.

And though his gait and his memory have slowed, Joe wants this done quickly. “We cannot afford to waste anymore time,” he said in closing.

Paul Greenberg closed out his column-writing career in September of 2018; he passed away in April of this year.

A wise newcomer to composing columns will not emulate Greenberg’s example of nicknaming the politically notorious.

Besides, the most accurate nickname for Joe Biden would be unprintable.