Valentines Day background

How was your Valentine’s Day? Yes, “The Day” has come and gone, but the sentiments often carry over to the “week of love.” And evidently, love is all around us. And so are bouquets of roses, boxes of heart-shaped candy, sweet greeting cards and all things the color red. 

Cupid has been waiting, lurking somewhere in the shadows, ready to take aim with his silent arrow. A friend of mine said she “is done with love,” because she and her husband of 10 years divorced. Really? Probably not. After all, love somehow seems to find us.

A little white and brown goat named Reba is the “love messenger” at a local barn. A boarding facility for horses that are often being sold or in transition, Reba usually seeks out the horse that needs her attention the most. A large roping horse named Duke, had an injury that caused him at the age of sixteen to be retired. Waiting for a new owner that might use him as a pleasure horse, he spent days standing in the darkness of his stall, rarely walking out into the turnout, never socializing with other horses. Then Reba came along.

With persistence and patience, Reba would nudge Duke outside into the sunlight. She would climb up on his back when he lay down, stand at his front legs while he was eating, and became his constant companion. Whether he liked it or not didn’t matter, because Reba stayed with Duke until “he woke up and started living.” When a new prospective owner came to ride Duke, spunky Reba followed him around in the arena. And the day Duke left, being loaded into a trailer, a happy little goat went with him to his new life. Love makes fresh beginnings possible.

This past Valentine’s Day reminds us of all things connected to love. Husbands buying flowers and women wearing red, the color of passion. Champagne, jewelry and chocolate sales will go through the roof. We spent about $20 billion on Valentine’s Day this year! No coronavirus can stop us! That’s a lot of dough to say three simple words, “I love you.” In other words, we are crazy about Valentine’s Day. Or maybe just crazy about love.

A few weeks ago, an elderly man in Turkey was taken to the hospital. His devoted dog, named Boncuk, followed the ambulance that transported her owner, then ran back daily to the hospital waiting anxiously at the main doors. The man’s daughter took the dog to her home, but Boncuk would run every morning to the hospital, sitting there at the entrance till late at night. Finally, the owner was released, and there was a whole lot joyful tail wagging. Nothing stops love.

Although Valentine’s Day has passed, this week, dear readers, may love embrace you. Call an old friend, pop a cork in a bottle of bubbly, eat chocolate and celebrate life. To my friend that is “through with love,” I’d say keep an open mind. It will arrive, like the stubborn goat, Reba, who will not give up. Or like little Boncuk, who will wait patiently for the doors to open so that love can find her. No chocolate required.

Judy Bluhm is a writer and a local Realtor. Have a story or a comment? Email Judy at