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Study both sides of incorporation


We are losing the lifestyle in Northern Maricopa County that we all love. Encroachment into our rural area is happening at break-neck fast that we can barely keep up. More and more high-density housing is eating up the desert as Phoenix bulldozes northward. Five years ago, there were four houses on my street that gave homes to horses. Now there is one....and they are moving out.

Less than two decades ago the Phoenix city line stopped at Carefree Highway. Now it extends northward past New River Road. 

The new semi-conductor plant being planned on Carefree Highway will employ 1,000 engineers...not to mention all of the ancillary jobs that will develop as a result. And there are rumors that the plant might eventually expand to three times its original size. 

I’m not against job creation, but the vast majority of those jobs will be taken by new arrivals to this area. Where will they live? Won’t there be tremendous pressure to fill up every vacant parcel of land in this area with high-density housing? How will this affect our water resources, traffic, open spaces, night skies? What about crime? 

I am a member of the Let New River Desert Hills Decide PAC.  All we want is for every resident of this area to have an opportunity to be heard on this issue. If we incorporate New River and Desert Hills, we then have control of the zoning. That means all the residents of the area will have the legal muscle to fight the high-density housing that is being imposed on us by entities that have no long-term stake in the future of this community. They take the money and run and leave the rest of us to deal with the aftermath. 

I understand this is a hotly debated issue. There are strong feelings on both sides. Social media has seen many arguments, pro and con, that have deteriorated into name-calling and distortion of fact. I urge each of us to step back, judge those pros and cons objectively and decide whether this is an issue worthy of a vote by all the residents of this area. 

So, when you see us out and about asking for signatures to put the issue on the ballot, I hope you will keep an open mind. We just want everyone to have a chance to vote. That’s all. We will accept whatever the majority decides. Isn’t that the American way?


Ross Potter

New River