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Challenge to do better


After reading, I felt it necessary to share my opinion.

While David Leibowitz is free to spread his views, I feel it is reckless for him to use the paper as a vehicle for despair. I agreed with so much of what he wrote until arriving at his final paragraph. Instead of reminding us to do better, Mr. Leibowitz used his power of print to whine, complain and further impress hopelessness onto others.

I believe, in this divided time, we should do more to elevate ourselves and find that which is common. Identify with the positive and set a better example. We should all strive to be the very best version of ourselves, each and every day.  And when I look around, I see “influencers” and TikTok nonsense shaping a generation because they don’t have proper role models. I look to my peers and sometimes I am just embarrassed to be human. 

We have allowed the shenanigans of reality TV and abusive content creators like Alex Jones to elevate ignorance as something to be celebrated. The generation I am referring to? Adults aged 30 and older channeling their own Veruca Salt, demanding a golden ticket. <Insert link to your favorite Karen video if you like.> This is my own personal rant. I am not sending this message to thousands, tens of thousands of people. I am writing to you because you are the editor and the power, the power of print, is in your hands. The power to help us find credible information. The power to help us remember what it means to be an American, a good neighbor, a good human. The best version of ourselves.

You have the power to influence in a positive way, helping all of us. I challenge you to do better!


W. Michael Grimm