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Angry with Leibowitz


Rarely do I respond to news reports, but I found Mr. Leibowitz’s article was particularly offensive.

The headline: “Anti-vaxxers long on myths short on logic” started my morning off on the wrong foot. I am so tired of one-sided journalism and was surprised that your paper carried this.  

I have enjoyed the local news in your paper but reading this article was just disappointing. Did Mr. Leibowitz research the other side of this issue? Interview anyone from the other side of this issue?

I am not an anti-vaxxer. I receive my FDA-approved flu shots annually. I take any approved vaccination recommended by my physician. I am not long on myths. I am an educated person and make my own informed decisions based on all information available.  

I certainly am not short on logic. I am an educated, professional woman with a resume of accomplishments that will stand up to anything that Mr. Leibowitz wants to use for comparison.  

Finally, his last sentence, implying people with a different opinion from his own may have wisdom but are tainted with idiocy deserves only my scorn. 

Scare tactics such as “creating an issue for our state” and requiring “75% to 80%-plus of the state to be vaccinated to achieve herd immunity” push me even further away from even considering putting this drug into my body. I have many reasons, medical and personal, for making this choice. I should not be made a target of ridicule because of my beliefs.

Cheryl Middleditch