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David Leibowitz’s article on the COVID-19 vaccine


The article on the vaccine for COVID-19 should state people can protect themselves by having the yearly flu shot instead of waiting for a miracle cure. If more people would have the flu shot, they might be protecting themselves and others and this virus could be slowed quicker. 

The use of masks and social distancing appears to be helpful; however, we are not certain if any vaccine will be a good deterrent for the virus.

Just an observation, and it might help people realize the flu vaccine is necessary. I have had the flu vaccine every year and am 65, not even a cough this year!  Yes, I had been wearing the mask; however, it is a safety barrier, and the flu vaccine should be the next option.

I will be holding off on the COVID-19 vaccine until it is proven to be effective with limited side effects.


Curt Hartley


Questioning thoughts


This letter, or “Canticle for Leibowitz,” is written to express my dismay at his published take on the United States government’s disposition of Donald J. Trump after January 20, 2021. I couldn’t disagree more with his position, as follows, and I hope it’s published.

Ah, yes! David Leibowitz’s old saw (November 18 article “How America can move on from President Trump”) let bygones be bygones, regarding the scourge that Donald Trump embodied surrounding the horrible effects of COVID-19 upon the United States. Unfortunately, many of the bygones—more than 260,000 at last count—were former U.S. citizens. Leibowitz suggests President-elect Joseph Biden should commit “an act of mercy for Trump, a man who has shown little compassion for anyone save himself.” It’s an odd idea considering what Leibowitz apparently believes.

The COVID-19 fatalities since January 2020 don’t even mention the millions who will live with and suffer permanent organ damage, long haulers who will suffer months or years with lingering symptoms, etc. Meanwhile, all Donald Trump can focus upon is his personal affront at losing the election. So, thankfully, he’s a one-termer, although he continues the need to hold the news lines in the United States, while wasting time and resources in his countless ill-fated lawsuits in multiple states. 

Now the country can focus its energies upon a national plan to conquer this international tragedy. Donald Trump never got serious about PPEs and wearing them, even right up to his predominantly maskless rallies just prior to the election itself. It took him months to even enact the National Emergency Preparedness Plan to put our resources into the manufacture of ventilators and PPEs. Instead, he left the states negotiating against each other, at warp speed, to buy these materials, while hospital staffs scrambled to obtain and reuse the PPEs they had. In fact, more than 1,700 medical workers have died from COVID-19.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump engaged and continues to engage in his addiction—riding around in a golf cart—to occasionally get out and hit a ball. Simultaneously, he fixates on his ridiculous allegations of the injustices of his lost election instead of using the energies of the government to solve COVID-19. So, I just don’t understand how one can use the examples of pardoning Nixon, Ford and the losses of Vietnam to compare to our current plight. After all, between 1965 and 1974, 282,000 Americans died there. So, our current COVID-19 rate far outpaces those losses. 


Art Veves