piggy bank

It’s that time of year again. The tax man cometh. And the IRS extended the deadline so we could procrastinate a bit longer. And for many Americans, the pain and suffering begin. 

The deadline for filing your taxes is looming, causing many folks to become upset (if you owe) or happy if a refund is coming. The poor (no pun intended) folks who owe money are usually the ones who file at the last minute or request an extension. but why prolong the inevitable? 

People will be rushing to the post office just before the stroke of midnight on May 17 with a “special envelope.” Yes, if you are sending the government a check it might be done with a shaky hand and a slight feeling of nausea, followed by relief then remorse.  

Lots of people can get pretty bummed out because they seem to be getting less of a refund than they expected. Stories abound about couples arguing as they leave the tax preparer’s office, one lady evidently punched her husband in the nose because she blamed him for not “adjusting” his deductions. People like a little windfall every year. It pays for a vacation, new tires, maybe a new appliance. It is disappointing when folks realize the check isn’t coming..and by the way, you owe! Yikes, do not resort to violence!

If you are an agent for the Internal Revenue Service, please stop reading immediately. OK, so a survey conducted by Yahoo Finance claims that 36% of Americans say that they “cheat a little” on their taxes. This means “harmless” padding of gas mileage to the blatant making up of write-offs that don’t exist. One agent for the IRS has been quoted as saying that 10% to 15% of all tax returns are pure “fiction.” Hey, if that is true it makes, we, the American taxpayers, look like a bunch of cheats and liars! And I say that is simply not true!

Americans, gather up your receipts, sharpen your pencils, get out the calculator and let the fun begin! While most people do not like to owe taxes, there are quite a few that feel it is a “good and responsible” thing that every American should enjoy! Yet, the IRS claims that some folks get so worked up about paying taxes that they write mean things on the checks. Instead of making the check payable to “United States Treasury” do not get creative and write “United States Thieves,” because an audit might be in your future! 

Tax season. Some folks laugh and others cry. Many are pushed over the edge of the ledger when it comes to paying taxes. From fiction to fantasy, it is one heck of a ride. If you are an accountant, plan on a vacation. If you are getting a refund, spend it quietly and do not brag. Perhaps we should make a toast to Tax Day. It is almost here, so gleefully plan how to spend your refund or have a stiff drink and write the check. Better luck next year.

Judy Bluhm is a writer and a local Realtor. Have a story or a comment? Email Judy at judy@judybluhm.com