Boxing Ring In Arena

It was a messy brawl that started with name-calling, gut punches and plenty of lies. OK, unvalidated, unverified “facts.” When you see two grown men “going at it” with such venom, the stakes are clearly high. 

I hate watching fights, but I felt forced to do it. The referee looked inept and unable to stop the train wreck that was unleashed before the viewing public. Fans were cheering for their “guy,” but it was mostly a sad affair.

So, what happened to friendly fighting? Common decency? You know, the times when true opponents shook hands (pre-COVID), smiled and respected each other. Disagreement used to be OK. No hate. No personal attacks. Just stick to principles. Explain your position and let the facts and reality determine the winner. Instead, the posturing, trash talking, interruptions and heckling have become the “new normal.” 

Social media is a fierce firestorm of opinions and rudeness. The year’s biggest matchup, and folks will bicker over everything and only see what they want to see. We used to have a sense of decorum. Well, I am getting too old for this! Yikes, was it really necessary to have ambulances waiting in the wings in case the loser had to be hauled off to the emergency room? 

At the end of it all, there was blood and bruised egos; injuries to the body, soul and spirit. I only watched the spectacle because my grandson, Brandon, made me. He enjoys the WWE, so we couldn’t miss the pay-per-view championship match. Geez, we paid for this? A combination of skill, trickery, luck and stamina crowned the winner. Oh, and the loser was carted off in the ambulance. 

Maybe my grandson loves wrestling because, when he was a child, he played with action figures, fierce plastic men with freakish muscles who were replicas of stars in action hero movies. Now there is wrestling. Storylines that get more unbelievable every year, big “stars” who parade around like gods or gladiators, finding extreme pleasure in pummeling their opponents. And then there is the trash talking and crazy display of bad behaviors. In the end, Drew McIntyre retained the world championship title. 

Tired of the whole spectacle, I thought we would watch some television that might be more calming and educational. You know, like the presidential debate.

Judy Bluhm is a writer and a local Realtor. Have a comment or a story? Email Bluhm at