Comfortable bed with new mattress in room. Healthy sleep


ave you been sleeping well lately? If the state of affairs is worrying you, take heart, you are not alone. Seems like the whole country is suffering from insomnia! 

The American Medical Association claims you will be more prone to stress, anxiety, depression, flu, colds and a whole slew of other ailments without proper sleep. How important is a good night’s slumber? According to experts, sleep is essential if you want to look young, stay healthy and feel great. One study claims that 100 million Americans are waking up tired each morning!

What could be the problem? Besides politics and the coronavirus? Perhaps the mattress is all wrong. It might be too hard, not firm enough or, worse yet, could contain a trillion dust mites. (I think the man who told me this was trying to sell me a vacuum cleaner.) If your back is all knotted up in the morning, there could be a spring coil that is protruding slightly, pressing on your spine. Actually, just going to bed could be downright dangerous. You could wake up out of alignment, which can not only ruin your day but harm your posture. 

Worry much? If you do, it can cost you as much as two hours of sleep every night! Why wait until nighttime to fret over life’s situations? Have yourself a worry fest in the daylight hours so it is all out of your system by the time you retire. If you don’t sleep well at night, a sleep expert claims that you should “never, ever have one of those digital clocks on your bedside table that has big, red bold numbers.” It can “traumatize” you further when you constantly look at the clock and notice how much precious rest you’re losing. 

A woman emailed me to say that between her neighbor’s porch light filtering into her bedroom and the other neighbor’s dog barking all night, sleep has become a “distant memory.” She asks, “Why do people move out to the country to light it up like a parking lot?” Does anyone know the answer? Oh, and on the topic of barking dogs, noise distraction ranks in the top five reasons why people can’t sleep at night.

Temperature, light, noise, mattress condition and an individual’s state of mind seem to be the big factors in how well (or poorly) a person will sleep. Apparently, none of these factors influence our pets. Dogs seem to require about 18 to 20 hours of sleep a day, can snooze on hard surfaces, curl up in a ball, sleep in weird positions, anywhere and anytime. Humans are not so versatile. Ever been exhausted but unable to fall asleep? Hmm, I thought so. Oh, and if you happen to have small children under the age of 5, you rank in the No. 1 category of all people who are sleep deprived.

Can’t sleep? Turn off the lights, silence the dogs, unplug the digital clock and have a stiff drink. I mean glass of warm milk. And don’t worry. Our world problems will work themselves out. Hopefully, right out of our minds. Have yourself the sweetest of dreams!

Judy Bluhm is a writer and local Realtor. Have a story or a comment? Email Judy at