cropped shot of hairstylist combing hair to handsome young man in beauty salon

Have you had a haircut lately? Most of us are “COVID caught-up” and don’t look quite so shaggy. 

Well, for a while there, no one noticed (or cared) because we weren’t going many places. Now that the vaccines are available and into our arms, we might need to give more attention to our grooming habits. You know, sweat or pajama pants might be good for a Zoom video call. Not so much for in-person meetings. And for those cutting their own hair during the pandemic, it might be time to stop. My sister-in-law “trimmed” my brother’s hair and let’s just say that bowl cuts on a 70-year-old man look hideous.

The handsome actor, George Clooney, has confessed that he has been cutting his own hair for over 20 years. Oh George, why did you publicize this? How many misguided men might try your “clipper technique” and end up in a ruinous situation? Yes, when you are twice voted People magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive,” you can do about anything with your hair and still look fantastic. But for mere mortals, there is danger in grabbing clippers, and it might not end well.

I have my own horror stories about haircuts. When I was a child, my mother would cut my bangs usually right before school pictures. My wonderful mom could do about anything, except cut a straight line. It was always a zig-zag line of bangs and one of my teachers even tried to help. She placed scotch tape across my bangs, pressing them to my forehead to try and straighten them out. Sure, the tape was clear, but it did show up on the photo and caused my mother to call the school. I suppose that is why I do not have one grade school photo of myself. Bad hair can create cruel memories!

Haircuts can also be lifesaving. A merino sheep named Baarack got a major hair trimming after he was taken in by an animal sanctuary in Australia. The wild and ailing sheep was found in a forest, underweight and due to all the wool around his face he was almost blind. He was shorn for the first time in probably five years, and a shocking 75 pounds of fleece was shaved off! Baarack was finally free of his heavy, wooly burden and taken into a barn to start the healing process. His little legs had been strained with the weight of his wool and he needed medical care. Fitted with a handsome plaid coat, his epic haircut is the new gold standard for “before and after” photos. Haircuts make a difference.

A woman in Texas was slicking her hair down with Gorilla glue to make it look smooth. Bad idea! No amount of “goo removal” seemed to loosen the grip on her hair and scalp. She cut off her ponytail and even tried paint thinner. The lady posted her anguish on Facebook and eventually a doctor in Los Angeles got the glue out of her hair. Lessons learned? Let the pros cut your hair, because a good stylist is a shear delight.

Judy Bluhm is a writer and a local Realtor. Have a story or a comment? Email Judy at