close up of male hands with newspaper and coffee

The Foothills Focus has come to town! Starting with the edition you hold in your hand, you’ll see them in your mailbox weekly. This is great news!

Throughout the recent primary election, one of the complaints I heard most was a “lack of transparency” in Cave Creek’s politics. This is what I had to say about that on my website.

I’m reminded of the old joke where a very cheap man gets on his knees to beg God to let him win the lottery. Months go by with no luck. Then, once again on his knees, he begins to beg and he hears a booming voice. It says, “OK already. Meet me halfway. Just buy a ticket.”

There has never been as much information available to our residents as there is now. Agendas are online; you can add yourself to the email list for them. We’ve even added a media position to help keep the public informed—all in an effort make up for the fact that we have no meaningful local media!

The meetings are open to the public and are even available livestreamed. The only things that are not available are ongoing negotiations, legal issues, employee issues and any items discussed in executive session, with the exception of employee issues resolution, which must occur in an open council meeting. Executive sessions are special in that state law does not allow us to divulge details ever.

Well, I’m hoping the addition of the Foothills Focus will solve the “transparency” issue for those who need to hold the information in their hands!

Mayor Ernie Bunch and the rest of the town council’s contact information can be found at