ashing through the snow on a one-horse open sleigh,

Heading over hills, laughing all the way.

When going up the mountain, guess who we would see? 

Santa and his reindeers, at rest under a tree.

Stopping for a moment, Santa saw my horse and said,

“We could use some help tonight, pulling this big sled.”


With no special skills and not sure how to fly,

My brave, little pony said, “I’ll give it a try.”

Hitched up at the lead, my horse gave a kick.

The eight reindeers paused and looked at St. Nick.

“He may be a horse, but tonight he will fly,”

Is all Santa said as they rose in the sky.


The folks of Arizona looked up at the sight

Of a horse leading Santa’s sleigh in the night.

Children snuck out to peek up at the sky,

Giggling out loud at the horse who could fly.


So, one little pony, that had not thought that he could,

Learned that if you believe, you certainly would:

Soar above treetops on the lift of faith’s wings,

Because hope is the real gift that this Christmas brings.


Dearest readers: This year has been challenging. At times stressful, disappointing, perhaps even unbelievable. Yet, the holidays are a time of renewed wonder at all the beautiful things that this season holds. There is always the serious and urgent business of living our lives the best way we can, but for now, this time of Christmas, revel in the warmth of a cozy fire, the voice or touch of a loved one, a hot chocolate and a scrumptious cookie. We count the blessings, large and small, that make us believers in miracles. My son-in-law survived throat cancer this year. My pony found a new friend in a lost rooster. A pandemic has caused sickness and loss, but we now have a vaccine. 

Our lives have been upended, but we have found ways to stay grounded. Even though we have been separated, we still stay connected. The masks cover all the lovely faces, which we miss seeing so much. But we will see each other’s smiles again soon. Giving to those in need is one of the greatest testimonies of our humanity. Yes, we help one another. And so it goes. Like the miracle of one small pony leading the sleigh, may your spirits soar this Christmas. In every way.

Judy is a writer and a local Realtor. Have a story or a comment? Email Judy at