UFO with alien abducting a cow, summer night farm landscape with the night field with house. Flat vector illustration with stars and moon in the sky. Cartoon style

Here today. Gone tomorrow. Oh, monolith, shining object from an alien world sitting in the Utah desert, how we miss you. 

Yes, it has been quite the drama and captured the imagination of people all over the world. When two Bureau of Land Management workers were flying a helicopter over Bears Ears Park in Utah to count bighorn sheep (sort of a cool job that I might like), they were shocked to see a 10-foot-high glimmering object standing erect in a remote part of the canyon. 

Landing and running to see what the strange metal structure might be, they were stunned to see what appeared to be aluminum sheets riveted together in the shape of a triangular prism. Standing in a sandstone slot canyon, it became an attraction that sent thousands of “alien seekers” to go look and touch the thing. 

We humans long for evidence of visitors from outer space. Maybe to take away the pandemic blues or add some excitement into our lives. If anything, 2020 has been an unbelievable year. Let’s make it weirder and find some structure left by aliens. Might it be a time machine? This mystery object was set in an obscure place that was completely unnoticed for approximately four years (that is when Google Earth photos seem to show that it was erected). Or was it an artist that simply was “adding beauty” to an already naturally gorgeous place? We might never know.

The “object of our imagination,” as one astronomer likes to call it, was removed. It seemed like magic. Yet, four men with a wheelbarrow and a pickup truck went out at night and knocked the thing over and busted it up into little pieces, carting it off into the darkness. Hey, there goes our forensic evidence to figure out exactly where the monolith came from!

But wait, there is more mischief. A similar metal monolith has been spotted in Romania, buried into the ground on a tall hill called Boatca Doamnei. Hmm, looking almost exactly like the Utah structure, it just “appeared” out of nowhere. Until it vanished.

Yes, that’s right. Another missing monolith. Perhaps we are going around in concentric circles and we have started a new chapter called “2020: A Space Odyssey.”

What are we mere mortals to do when these strange objects appear and disappear? Nothing. We think, see, wonder, chuckle and then decorate the tree, hang the mistletoe and bake a few batches of cookies. We cannot let a few monoliths get in the way of holiday cheer, shopping or fun. Yet, the world does seem a bit off kilter these days, and what better example of it than vanishing alien structures?

We humans like weird stuff. And hamburgers. If folks can sit in their cars for over 12 hours for the opening of an In-N-Out Burger in Colorado, then why should we be surprised that cars were lined up for miles in the middle of nowhere in Utah to “touch something wonderful.” 

Hey, I would rather eat something wonderful, like a hamburger, than go out to the desert to witness a hoax—oops, I mean alien object. Just like a delicious hamburger, it disappears quickly.

Judy Bluhm is a writer and a local Realtor. Have a story or a comment? Email Judy at judy@judybluhm.com.