Ms. Olive

Ms. Olive, the bird who lives near the Ryan family of New River, is the subject of a webcam on YouTube. Her eggs recently hatched owlets.

The Ryan family of New River is sharing neighborhood news via webcam — but it’s not what one would think.

They have been streaming the progress of a western screech owl — named Miss Olive — who laid five eggs in an owl box Kurtis Ryan built on the family’s back porch. Occasionally, Mr. Olive swings by. 

“We have had the owl cam inside the owl box for the past two years,” he said. “This is the first year doing the livestream on YouTube. We were finally able to get high-quality internet and find out how to put it on YouTube.”

The family will keep the webcam going until the babies are gone and out of the house, which is at least a month, said Ryan, a Goldwater High School graduate who drives an ambulance for AMR.

“I’d like to get another one, another cam for our bird feeder to get other birds and javelina.”

To watch the cam, search Western Screech Owl Ms. Olive New River AZ on YouTube.