Silver Ray Manon Doyle

“Silver Ray,” Manon Doyle.

Silver is more than a chemical element with an atomic number of 47. 

Scottsdale jewelry artist Manon Doyle works her magic, using this moon’s soft, white, lustrous, and reflective qualities in creating jewelry. The pieces soothe emotions, hold love and promote healing for their wearers. 

She was born in Quebec, where she knew, very early on, that she would be an artist. During Doyle’s childhood, she was always trying something new in the area of art materials. 

“I had many teachers along the way who encouraged me and a couple who even said I could make it as an artist, but it would be tough,” Doyle said. 

She went on to attend Les Cegeps due Quebec, specializing in the fine arts. For 15 years, Doyle worked as a glass mosaic artist and a painter before pivoting into jewelry after attending a two-week enameling workshop at Haystack in Maine. 

“That was the point I knew creating art that someone could wear was my calling,” Doyle said. 

During this time, Doyle was infrequently traveling to Arizona and developed a passion for the area’s diversity in landscapes and the wildness. 

“Needless to say, the gypsy in my heart knew Arizona was the place I could thrive,” she said.

In 2012, Doyle moved to Arizona and never looked back. Settling in Scottsdale, she set up a home studio where she could work when she was inspired. 

Doyle schooled herself in the artistry and beliefs of the state’s Native American artists, primarily the Hopi and Navajo who are masters at silver and gemstone jewelry, like those made with turquoise. 

“The Native Americans believe turquoise tells a story, and when set into one of my jewelry pieces that story comes alive for the wearer,” she said. 

“The journey in metalsmithing is never ending. There are countless techniques and always something new to learn. It definitely keeps me on my toes and inspired.”

Doyle is a Sonoran Arts League member and participates in its various shows. She is also represented by Caravana Gallery in Sedona’s Tlaquepaque. But her most assessable venue is her website,, where she showcases her latest work. She sells pieces through her Etsy site, Doyle is also on Instagram @sistersofthesun. She can be contacted at