Lynx Creek Ruin site

Kuma at the Lynx Creek Ruin site.

I’m usually bummed when Monday comes along because it means daddy goes back to work, but he was home. As mom made sandwiches and packed up our hiking gear, I knew an adventure was coming. Oh boy! Where would we go this time? Mom said some place new as we needed material for my blog. I was down with that.

We headed north on I-17, and when we took the Prescott exit (Highway 69), I wondered if we were going to Lynx Lake. Mom said we haven’t been to this new hike. Hmmm. I was curious, especially when we turned left on Walker Road and followed the signs to Lynx Lake. Were they just pulling my leg?

Nope. Just before the day-use area is a sign for “Lynx Creek Ruins,” which I had never noticed before. We turned there and followed it to the dirt parking lot. You still must pay $5 into the box and correct change is a must as there is no change maker. It’s a much smaller parking lot than Lynx Lake picnic area, but it does have a human restroom. There is no water, so bring plenty of your own.

The trail is near the pay box and is trail No. 301. This is a short trail that leads to ancient ruins from about 700 years ago from the Pueblo Indians. The trail is easy with great views. We could see all the way to Flagstaff with the snow-capped San Francisco Peaks, and if we squinted just right, we could see all the way to Williams. It was a super clear day! We also got to see the towns of Prescott and Prescott Valley. 

The weather was wonderful: cool but not cold with nice warm sun and no wind. This trail seems to be a local favorite and leads to a wooden overlook. It didn’t take us very long to go .75 miles, and we climbed up the stairs to take a look. The views steal the show as the ruins are really just a bunch of rocks covered in grass. I guess many moons ago, there was more to see, but time and Mother Nature have worn everything down. Still, it was interesting to see the possible shape of the building. Some signs offer up explanations of how the structure would have been used. 

We turned around and hiked back to the car. There are two picnic tables, and we took the one with the view over toward Mingus Mountain and the lake. We had a lovely lunch enjoying the fresh air. While we were there, we drove around to check out different parts of town. I nestled in and took a nap. Was it worth the drive up? Probably not, but any time spent in the mountains is fine by me. This might be one you add to another hike since it is so short and easy. You could at least say you’ve been there. Check. 

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