Marshall Gedge

Marshall Gedge is the new certified reiki practitoiner at the North Phoenix-based Burns Integrative Wellness Center. 

The North Phoenix-based Burns Integrative Wellness Center is expanding its reiki services to those looking for alternative forms of healing. 

The naturopathic medical office, located at 34406 N. 27th Drive, Unit 114, specializes in medical, aesthetic and therapeutic services using herbal, holistic and homeopathic remedies. It recently announced the addition of its newest staff member 18-year-old certified reiki practitioner Marshall Gedge. 

Gedge, a level II practitioner, said he is looking forward to raising awareness about the alternative practice — which focuses on healing the energy and spiritual side of a person and has been used in Japan for over 100 years — while helping new patients throughout their healing journey.

“I didn’t really know how to feel, I just knew I was excited,” Gedge said of his new opportunity. “And I’m still excited for it.” 

Reiki is an ancient therapeutic art designed to “increase the body’s restorative potential and is a complementary treatment approach to health,” according to The Life Enrichment Center. It works to decrease stress and anxiety through energy healing while promoting wellbeing and calmness. The Burns Integrative Wellness Center emphasizes that each person has a flow of internal energy dictating their overall health. If low, the body becomes susceptible to “disease and illness,” it continues. Reiki seeks to strengthen that “life force” to promote “good health and happiness.” 

The term itself stems from the two Japanese words Rei, meaning “Higher Power,” and Ki, meaning “life force energy,” The Burns Integrative Wellness Center adds. 

A typical reiki session with Gedge lasts roughly 15 to 30 minutes, the 18-year-old explained. 

“I’ll start by asking what they want reiki to do for them, whether it’s to help with anxiety, depression, pain or whatever they want to have reiki do,” Gedge said. “I figure out what they want done, and after that I’ll start at the head to get energy to flow and go from there and then find problem areas — that’s where I’ll start doing the work and try to help them.” 

Patients can opt to lie down on a table or recline in a chair during their session, Gedge continued. The practitioner will then place his hands on or over the patient’s body and hover over a few locations, such as the head, feet, or stomach, with the goal of directing energy to help facilitate the person’s own healing response.

Calming music is played in the background to promote relaxation and ease, according to The Center’s website. 

“I’ve had some people tell me they feel a warm feeling going through them, or that they felt stress going out of their jaw,” Gedge said. “I’ve also had people who don’t feel anything until a couple days after.”

On an emotional and mental level, reiki works to promote personal awareness, amplify a more relaxed state and reduce stress. The Life Enrichment Center states that the “spiritual level benefits from reiki by enhancing the spiritual connection to the Light, balancing the various energies of the body, such as the chakras, and helps elevate meditative states.”

Gedge said he believes reiki will eventually become more commonplace in Western culture.

“I could definitely see it becoming more common,” said the practitioner. “A lot of people recently have been anxious and depressed because of the virus.” 

“We have psychologists for the brain, doctors for the physical – but we don’t really have that much in store for energy healing,” he added. 

Gedge, said he always felt keen on energy during his youth, received his reiki certification from the Tempe-based Life Enrichment Center. The organization, located at 2405 E. Southern Avenue, offers a variety of healing modalities, including reiki, rapid eye technology, hypnosis, psychological-kinesiology and structural genetics-face reading, as well as certification courses. 

The Burns Center staff member said he was working to become a mechanic when he ultimately decided to take a leap of faith and pursue reiki. 

“Around my teenage years, I noticed I was able to do energy work — before anyone ever told me what it was,” Gedge said. “I was doing stuff for myself and then I found out about reiki and I kind of just pursued it.” 

During his entry-level trainings, Gedge was informed about the history of reiki, how to perform self-reiki and how to use the first three reiki symbols, according to The Life Enrichment Center’s website. He was also taught how to perform distant reiki. 

The 18-year-old is now working toward his III & IV level certifications, which are considered “Reiki Master Level.” Upon completion, Gedge will receive the Usui Master Reiki attunement and learn the Usui Master Reiki symbols. 

“I’m looking forward to actually helping people,” Gedge expressed. “Before, I didn’t feel I was reaching that many people. With this, I can help more people and I’m so excited.  


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