Cave Creek resident Ryan Alexander

Former Cave Creek resident Ryan Alexander has written two edgy thrillers, “Milwaukee’s Revenge” and “Bow Season.” (Photo courtesy of Ryan Alexander

Former Cave Creek resident Ryan Alexander penned poetry as a child and then turned to audiobooks as he grew older. He’s still a traditionalist and a lover of words. 

He recently released the book “Bow Season.” According to Alexander, a winding case unfolds when a young woman is found shot with an arrow in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. Brayden Tucker and Mike Lenard, Eagle River’s most unlikely duo of detectives, discover this may be the work of a serial killer. 

Tension rises between the young progressive detective and the grizzled old veteran as they try to solve each case before the next bow season. 

“She looks like a girl from 12 years ago,” Alexander said.

“The book solves both cases and explores the dynamic between this young detective, who’s more progressive, and the older one, who’s more conservative. They have good banter.”

Wisconsin is special to Alexander. He grew up in Arizona but moved to Wisconsin in 2013 to work in his grandfather’s cranberry marshes. Since 2018, he has traveled between Wisconsin and Arizona.

His first book was the controversial “Milwaukee’s Revenge,” which follows detective Jack Owens as he investigates an attack on a young couple from rural Wisconsin. 

Inspired by the 2014 Black Lives Matter demonstrations in Milwaukee, Alexander wrote the book in 2017. It wasn’t published until 2020, however. 

“Then the whole world blew up in May,” he said. “It’s a little touchy, but ‘Bow Season’ is more middle of the road. It shouldn’t tick anyone off. That’s why I think it’s done a lot better.”

Writing comes easy to Alexander. He merely writes what he would like to read. Alexander recently wrapped up his third book, “The Factory.”

“I saw a quote that said 1 out of every 10 juvenile prostitutes in Vegas is from the state of Minnesota,” said Alexander, who lives in Marana. 

“This judge said, ‘They think of us as a factory down there.’ It’s about a 16-year-old who sneaks out on Labor Day and goes to Minneapolis to a party, and she is taken. It’s about her farmer dad and diesel mechanic uncle who pursues her. It’s an edgy story.” 

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