Glencroft Center for Modern Aging’s Steve Heller prepares to use pain management equipment on the campus.

Chronic pain can be debilitating, taking a toll mentally and physically. It is a hurdle we must overcome as we age. For this reason, we have introduced the electro stimulation (acuscope/myopulse machine) to Glencroft’s ZoeLife program. 

Haloe Health brought its pain management technology called the electro-acuscope and electro myopulse to the campus. While the technology they use for pain has been around a long time, it has primarily been available to professional athletes. 

During the first phase with the Haloe Health team, Glencroft staff saw potential in combining this state-of-the-art technology with the ZoeLife model of successful aging. Half of those enrolled in the program received sessions on the device during the first beta group, and the other half did not. The data was convincing; the residents receiving the sessions with the device showed significantly more improvement than their counterparts not receiving sessions. With these positive results, the staff knew it had to get the equipment on campus.

Finally, the pain management equipment is on the campus permanently. Glencroft has begun working with its residents on a very customized and calculated strategy to bring this technology to them regularly and at no cost.

For more information about the electro-acuscope and electro myopulse machine or learn more about the ZoeLife program and Glencroft Center for Modern Aging, call 623-847-3103.