Nancy Christy-Moore

“Hidden Spirits,” oil on canvas, by Nancy Christy-Moore.

During this challenging time, artist Nancy Christy-Moore chooses to see the world in bright, bold colors. 

Her colors leap off the canvas demanding attention, as a thundering stamped of wild horses echo through a viewer’s space. Taking a quick glance around, it’s clear nothing has been disturbed. It is possible to experience this kind of implied kinetic energy? 

Christy-Moore shares vibrant images that haunt the senses and challenge the concept of reality. 

Christy-Moore grew up in Iowa and Indiana, where she learned to love the creative process. Columbia College in Columbia, Missouri, became her steppingstone into the broader world of art. 

Subsequently, Christy-Moore continued her studies in commercial art at the American Academy of Art in Chicago and the Art Center School in Los Angeles. 

In the end, she did not pursue a career in commercial art, instead she married, had a child and didn’t return to her artistic roots until her late thirties. This time, Christy-Moore decided to build her career in the arts, starting with watercolor. However, watercolor just didn’t produce the expression of energy she was striving for. 

Christy-Moore moved to mixed media and abstract images, adding the excitement of texture, tangible shapes and eye-popping color to her larger-than-life canvases.

During this time, Christy-Moore lived in Southern California and Kansas. She built a loyal following for her work, which caught the attention of a number of local gallery owners. With their representation, various art events and venues were available to show Christy-Moore’s work on a broader scale. 

Gradually, teaching painting and composition techniques became part of Nancy’s artistic expression. She was soon offering adult education classes at community colleges and art centers as an outlet for her own creativity.

Today, Christy-Moore works and teaches from her Surprise home studio. Her high-energy, vividly rendered mixed-media canvases create a bold statement.   

“My paintings happen by creating chaos and bringing order to them. That’s my trademark style,” she said. 

Christy-Moore uses intuitive painting techniques, she calls her “inner painting,” drawing on her subconscious for ideas and imagery. She is a spontaneous painter, rather than planning ahead, as she was taught.  

Her paintings are built by layering, which encourages spontaneity and emotional engagement. With the use of strong colors, combined with energetic movement, she expresses a strong and compelling story.  

“I am always surprised by the images that evolve using this adventurous and somewhat less structured process,” Christy-Moore said.

During the years, Christy-Moore has shown her work in more than 20 solo exhibits, two of which were in Japan.  

Today, Christy-Moore is represented by Raku Gallery in Jerome ( and Ground Floor Artists Gallery in Surprise ( Her website,, holds many of her images.  

She welcomes inquiries about her workshops and demonstrations. They can be scheduled by contacting her by e-mail at or by phone at 623-487-4031. 

She is also open to private studio workshops and classes that will provide patrons with personal attention for their optimal learning curve and their time schedule. Visits to her Surprise studio are welcomed and encouraged for a glimpse of her work in progress and to enjoy finished pieces. Also, for more information, watch her instructional videos on her YouTube channel.