Scottsdale Bible Church Cactus campus

Pastor Rick Holman is just a little relieved that his Scottsdale Bible Church Cactus campus is expanding.

“Oh my stars,” said Holman, who attended the November 4 groundbreaking ceremony. 

“Talk about something we never dreamed of when we first took over this property a little over eight years ago. It was a closed church. The weeds were overgrown. Things were stolen from the building. We moved in and said, ‘Let’s see what God’s got planned here.’ It’s been amazing.”

The two-story, 10,000-square-foot Family Life Building will feature Discovery Kids and youth programming, a bookstore, a café and multipurpose classrooms. It will host Español Bible studies and English classes as well. 

“Primarily we’re going to serve youth, from nursery school through high school with state-of-the-art rooms, as far as video, audio and lighting,” Holman said. “Everybody knows you go to church on Sunday, but our ministry starts on Monday, in the way we serve the community.

“We use that building all throughout the week for different community groups—the Boy Scouts, the food bank, after-school programs. This is a place for the community. It’s not just a private club on Sundays.”

Holman admitted he’s surprised this expansion is happening due to COVID-19. He “fully expected” the plug to be pulled on it. 

“The way I look at it, God says, ‘I want you to take care of the people. I’ll take care of the other details,’” he said. 

“We remain faithful to serving our people and this community. The resources took care of themselves and the commitment of the church was there, regardless of the pandemic. I was fully waiting for the phone call.”

Scottsdale Bible Church is a nondenominational church with three campuses in central Scottsdale (7601 E. Shea Boulevard), Cave Creek (Dynamite Road) and on Cactus Road in North Phoenix. Weekly attendance averages 7,000 in Sunday services at 8 a.m., 9:45 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. For more information, visit or @scottsdalebible on social media.

“We’re about a 60-year-old church and we planted a lot of churches, completely on their own, throughout the Valley,” Holman said. 

“We have three primary campuses, with eyes to at least one or two more in the near future. It’s really an effective way to grow the church and create a consistency as far as the DNA of Scottsdale Bible Church and the different campuses.”

Holman said his campus is a “sweet spot” for his community to visit—especially after the series of renovations it’s gone through since Scottsdale Bible Church moved in.

 “It had been closed for a couple years before we got there—a blight, you could say. People would live on campus as well as the landscaping,” Holman said.

“What’s been neat is serving that community. We cut back the landscaping, but it allowed us to set up a community resource center to really serve our neighbors. This little North Phoenix community is like that. It’s a small town within a big town. It’s amazing. It takes my breath away.”