Barack Obama did not go gently into that good presidential retirement.

While most of his predecessors departed once their “lease” at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue expired, Mr. Obama decided to remain. 

Now with his “No. 2” elevated to “No. 1,” the former president sticks around with an up-close view and an important role in Joe Biden “finishing the job,” as Mr. Obama put it in an interview with The New York Times. Sympathetic journalists take that to mean that the 46th president will work to complete the progressive policy goals envisioned by the 44th. 

Americans with a different political point of view fear the expression conveys a simpler and more sinister goal: the end of the USA as a democratic republic.

While his immediate successor, Donald Trump, was widely viewed as “disruptor-in-chief,” it’s worth recalling that the Barack Obama of 2008 routinely pledged on the campaign trail to “fundamentally change America as we know it.” In many ways, he succeeded. 

From the enactment of Obamacare to the politicization of our military and intelligence apparatus, and on through the exploitation of racial disharmony, our 44th president lit long, slow fuses…now set to detonate.

How does Mr. Obama avoid responsibility? 

Simple. He employs euphemisms and administers “verbal tranquilizers.” Though his mask may slip occasionally, such an occurrence is usually explained away by an infatuated press corps.

A recent example of Obama speaking softly and sticking it to Republicans can be found in his remarks to the American Library Association in late June. There, he was asked about his biggest concern for the future, and responded this way: “The degree to which misinformation is now disseminated at warp speed, in coordinated ways that we haven’t seen before.”

The former president then expounded on his “concern” by quickly adding a political dimension: “And that the guardrails I thought were in place around many of our democratic institutions really depend upon the two parties agreeing to those ground rules, those guardrails. And that one of them right now doesn’t seem as connected to them.”

Call it “accusation by insinuation and omission,” preceded by “indictment through redefinition.” All of it delivered in a calm, “thoughtful” manner.

Translated into conservative context, Mr. Obama is basically saying this: “Let’s call investigative reports and assertions from therRight ‘misinformation’ so that they can be immediately discredited.”

“Moreover, Republicans need to know their place! They need to return to the passive, polite people they used to be, accepting election irregularities for the ‘greater good,’ which of course keeps our side in power.”

The left has made it a priority to politicize the pandemic; that continues with the use of government funds following the “Obama Directive.” Check out this headline from the broadcasting trade journal Radio Ink in its Aug. 19 edition: “CPB Targets COVID Misinformation.” 

“The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) is awarding $275,000 in emergency grants to public media stations to address COVID-19 misinformation in their communities,” reads the article’s lead sentence.

While $275,000 is a pittance compared to the trillions the left intends to spend, it does speak volumes about the way government-financed radio and TV stations take their cues from the Democrat playbook.

Of course, 10 days before those government grants were announced, Barack Obama celebrated his 60th birthday with a lavish party on his $12 million, 29-acre Martha’s Vineyard Estate. 

Joe Biden was not invited; presumably, he was focused on ”finishing the job.”