Rock the District shooting for $40K at event

Promise to Myself will perform at the Cave Creek Unified Education Foundation’s charity carnival being held at Harold’s Cave Creek Corral from 6 to 10 p.m. Saturday, April 2.

The Cave Creek Unified Education Foundation is hosting a charity carnival from 6 to 10 p.m. Saturday, April 2, at Harold’s Cave Creek Corral.

Rock the District will feature music performances by The Bellwethers, Promise to Myself and Izzy Mahoubi. 

Attendees can enjoy beverages, snacks and a dessert food truck, as well as a silent auction. Its proceeds go to Cave Creek Unified School District schools. 

“We are thrilled to bring Rock the District back after a two-year hiatus due to COVID,” said Jessica Spencer, the foundation’s president.

“This show will help us fund new programs and initiatives for our Cave Creek classrooms.”

The foundation is a nonprofit formed by a partnership of parents, local businesses and community members. Their mission is to support and reinforce the purpose of every school in the Cave Creek Unified School District.  

The education foundation was founded in August 2008, and it immediately became an essential support to the different schools in the district. The foundation hosts various programs and events, including the Rock the District, Run the District 5K and others for charity purposes. As of March 19, the CCUEF has donated more than $225,000 to classrooms in the community.

“It is for everybody actually. It is a family-friendly event,” said Heidi Brashear, the foundation’s president. “It is a great opportunity for parents to come with their kids and they could run around in the back and visit outdoor to have fun.”

The fundraiser will also provide a teacher’s ticket option, to encourage guests to support their educators.

“People outside the district, though, are also welcome, cause it is just a great, great show,” Brashear said. 

“This is the 11th time we are having the show. It is just amazing to see these kids. They are so talented getting up on the stage, so confident with the music. It is just a lot of fun.”

The CCUSD includes five elementary, one middle and one high school. All the raised funds are allocated to different schools, which teachers are able to submit for a grant depending on what they need for their classroom.

“We are really trying to get the schools to come and participate, and make this an even bigger event than in the past,” Brashear said.

Brashear’s goal is to raise and make $40,000. 

“That would be significantly more that it has ever raised,” Brashear said.