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obin Cochran, executive director of the Foothills Caring Corps, wants to look after the community. 

Part of that involves pairing with the Maricopa County Department of Public Health to administer flu vaccinations in homes of clients who are 55 years and older and do not drive. The deadline to sign up for the free program is Friday, October 9. Call 480-488-1105 for more information. The vaccines will be administered by a nurse in October and November.

“Our No. 1 mission is to help others who are (living) in place and those with disabilities who live independently and with purpose,” Cochran said. “We did some surveying and determined the needs of our neighbors in the area. Based on the needs of our constituency, the community partnership would meet a vital need.”

The flu can be deadly, she added. To keep the public safe, the Carefree nonprofit is doing its part. 

The Foothills Caring Corps is celebrating more than 20 years of serving neighbors in need by providing meal delivery, medical transportation, home repairs, wellness checks and respite care for caregivers. Since March, its mobile meal delivery has increased by 58%, due to increased need. 

“We evaluate each of our neighbors in need and try to figure out holistically how we can help them live as independently as possible,” Cochran said. 

“We then continue to advocate for them medically with other health care professionals when necessary. We are there to support them and help them thrive and live as independently as possible.”

Prior to the pandemic, Foothills Caring Corps provided pet therapy and hosted group social outings. Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, the organization has pivoted to smaller-group outings and retrofitted all of its transportation so it could best help neighbors. 

“We also have the Spread the Joy Convoy where we decorate our cars and celebrate the neighbors,” she said. “We dress up in costumes and perform little songs in front of their homes. We’ve been doing that throughout the summer to stay connected. We are determined to help our neighbors feel loved and connected and fight off any social isolation issues. We are close with our neighbors, and we’re a family with our overwhelmingly loyal group of volunteers.”