Kimberly McCartin

Kimberly McCartin comes to the Anthem Area Chamber of Commerce with 15 years of experience with community nonprofit organizations.

Kimberly McCartin was chosen to serve as the Anthem Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors’ executive director.

Her first day was Sept. 13.  

As an entrepreneur, McCartin has extensive experience in operations management. She has owned and operated her own salon business for more than 10 years, and she said the skills she learned from being a small-business owner will translate well into her new role as executive director.

“Being an entrepreneur myself for so many years and coming from a very long line of entrepreneurs within my family is what helps me understand what it takes to make a community as a full proprietorship, for example, you know, rather than being like a big business coming in,” McCartin said. 

“There comes a lot of understanding with just intrinsic traits that come with being a business owner in a smaller town, like making those connections with other business owners or being able to reach out and help other businesses succeed.”

She also has more than 15 years of experience with community nonprofit organizations, most notably with the Active 20-30 chapter in Redding, California, where she previously lived. Her work helped the organization receive awards, grants and ownership of several community events, like the Redding Lighted Christmas Parade with about 100 volunteers, 1,000 parade entrants and 10,000 attendees. McCartin was also inducted into the 20 Under 40 Leadership Group for being an emerging business leader.

Heather Maxwell, former executive director, said McCartin’s skills made her a great fit for the role.

“We posted the job back in May and interviewed dozens of candidates for the position before finally deciding on Kim,” Maxwell said. “Essentially, we were looking for candidates that had a personality that our members could really identify with, had an operations background to take the chamber to the next level and continue to grow that, because it’s a new chamber of commerce, relatively speaking. We’re still putting together a lot of those building blocks and were really looking for a candidate that had a strong operations background, and Kim has that.”

Maxwell relocated to Missouri to be closer to family in June. She agreed to remain with the chamber through the end of the year to help with the job search and the transition of leadership. 

McCartin said she was tremendously grateful that Maxwell committed to helping instead of just putting in her two-week notice and leaving. She added that so far, it has worked out great. They have frequent Zoom and phone calls, and Maxwell is in town periodically to help in person. Maxwell said as long as they continue to keep the best interest of the members in mind, there will continue to be growth and success.

“I wish Kim tremendous success. In the end, this role is not always easy, but it’s a very rewarding position to be in,” Maxwell said. “I wish her and the board continued success as we move from this next few months of transition. Once she takes the reins next year, I can’t wait to see what they do with this next chapter.”

McCartin is relatively new to Anthem, having moved from Northern California. She said she was just looking for ways to get involved when she stumbled across the board of directors.

“I went to Anthem Days in May, and they had a chamber booth,” McCartin said. “My husband and I were talking, and he said, ‘You know, you should probably get involved in something like this,’ because at that point, we were new residents by way of California, and it was a really good way to meet similar people. Especially because we live here in Anthem, we just thought that would be a good segue.

“So, I picked up all the brochures and gave it some thought. Within about a month after that, I saw the job posting on Indeed. I thought, ‘Well, this would certainly be one way to immerse myself into the Anthem culture.’ When I saw the job posting, I thought, ‘This might be a sign. It’s just there. So, why not?’”

One of her primary duties is the day-to-day management of the operations of the chamber of commerce. Part of that duty and one of her goals as executive director is to increase membership for the chamber, which is still relatively new. Her experience as a small-business entrepreneur means she knows how to build from the ground up and understands how important it is to have community connections.

“I want to make sure that we have a solid foundation to build from, because it is, in my opinion, still kind of in its infancy stages,” McCartin said.

“So, I just want to make sure that we have a solid foundation to build from, especially considering that we have other major businesses coming into the area. That is going to prompt other growth, whether it be small businesses or a collaboration where we end up working with these other organizations and big companies that come into town.”

The Anthem Area Chamber of Commerce has several upcoming events and is encouraging community members to come out and meet McCartin and learn more.

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