The Deer Valley Unified School District had an amazing school year in 2020-2021, but it was not easy. 

Working together with community stakeholders, staff and students, the district navigated the many turns in the COVID-19 roller coaster ride. Although the ride was tricky, challenging and exhausting, the district excelled at developing successful academic and safety systems, protocols, and procedures for the betterment of students. 

One of the glaring holes from this year was the information, tasks, and skills that may have been missed by students. Quarantines, unsuccessful online experiences or emotional struggles with the pandemic were the top three issues for students. 

Academics and emotional well-being go together and teaching social emotional learning (SEL) skills can be critical for academic success. 

The whole premise of teaching SEL skills is to influence emotions so students can function successfully at home, school or in society. If teachers can successfully instruct students how to guide their emotions, students can be a contributor to their own future and positively influence their peers around them.

However, if students missed those SEL lessons, it probably affected their academics this year. If your student struggled emotionally or academically this year, they might benefit from some enrichment, intervention, and/or credit recovery courses this summer.

The district will have a robust enrichment summer program where students can develop their academic and SEL skill sets. Summer academic interventions are designed to set up the next school year for success, while enrichment activities are designed to help rekindle a student’s love for learning. 

There will be Math Level Up for seventh to ninth grade, English Language Learners Writers Workshop for K-12, and community education will host multiple camps for all ages. There will be options for the high school students in ACT prep, SAT prep, driver’s ed, science and dance. 

Kindergarten through eighth grade will have camps in adventure, math, science, Mandarin, music and gifted.

Interventions will also cover kindergarten to 12th. The younger students will have Jump Start for incoming first to third grade, along with Jumpstart Math for grades fourth to ninth. Student Support Services will provide extended school year as it does every year for qualified students, and Southwest Behavioral Services will provide a Skills and Strategies program for kindergarten to eighth-grade students. 

Secondary students from seventh to 12th grade can take courses to get ahead or recover a grade/credit through the Middle School Summer program, DVUSD Pathways, Deer Valley Online Program (DVLOP) or the HS Course Extension program. 

Academic and SEL interventions, extensions and enrichments will be very important this summer. Transportation may be provided for some of these programs, but seats will be limited. Contact your school principal to see if your student is eligible for these programs. 

The list of programs, requirements, and offerings can be found on the district’s website at 

Summer enrichment, intervention and credit/grade recovery programs can help set your student up for success next school year. Enroll now!

Dr. Curtis Finch can be reached at