Brook Bowman, a sophomore business administration major from Cave Creek, is among 35 students selected for the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Clifton Builders Program. Coordinated by the Clifton Strengths Institute in the College of Business, the program enables its students to learn from, study alongside and network with fellow entrepreneurial-minded people.

“The program was created to find and develop entrepreneurs, startup types, rainmakers and extraordinarily talented salespeople and leaders—people who have a natural gift to create economic energy where none existed before,” said Jim Clifton, Gallup chairman and CEO.

The Clifton Builders management major and minor equip students with the tools to build, lead and manage people. The program consists of three tracks: business builder, team builder and community builder. Experimental components of each track provide students with elite, real-world experience that will make them a disruptive force in industry.

“These students have natural talents to create a positive impact in their communities, businesses and teams,” said Tim Hodges, executive director of the Clifton Strengths Institute and assistant professor of practice in management.

“They have been called ‘disruptive’—a term not always seen as a positive. But we believe that there is no changing the future without disrupting the present. We believe these students have what it takes to lead us to a better future, and we are doing everything we can to help make that happen.”

Students are admitted to the program based on a combination of their Gallup Builder Profile 10 assessment results, application strength and interview performance. Builders are selected in the spring of their first year to begin courses the following fall.