Noor Saini

Noor Saini competes in pageants but still finds time for competitive swimming and golfing.

Noor Saini isn’t the typical 10-year-old girl. 

The A+ student at BASIS Phoenix Primary is well spoken and ready to tackle the problem of bullying.

Recently, she was a contestant at the National American Miss Pageant at the state level in September and won first runner-up for the state queen. She was selected as city of Phoenix queen. 

Because the North Phoenix girl was a first runner-up, she qualified for nationals in Florida, where she participated in optional and required contests. Required contests include personal introduction, formalwear, interview with judges, resume and community service. 

She spent Thanksgiving week in Florida, where she competed against girls across the country in her age division, befriending peers from Virginia, Nebraska, Ohio and Alabama. Noor served as national ambassador and spoke with two agencies who want to work with her. 

“It was fun,” Noor said. “I had a good experience. I didn’t place in the top 12, but I learned a lot from it.”

“She had an awesome experience at nationals in Florida,” added her mom, Harveen. Noor’s father and brother are Preet and Aadi, respectively. 

“She will definitely go back to compete again next summer for the state queen for the preteen division. She will also be doing a lot more community service,” Harveen added.

Noor wouldn’t have it any other way. 

“I think when I go to pageants, it helps me build up my confidence,” Noor said. “I’m a very social person who talks to everybody. Instead of being shy, I talk to everybody. I can talk more confidently, and I’m less shy. I like making new friends.”

Harveen has watched her daughter mature thanks to the pageants. 

“This was her first nationals,” she said. “She did the state pageant two years in a row. When she went, she was very shy. She was afraid to talk to people. When she went in 2019, that really helped her open a little more with people.

“Since then, she’s been really outspoken, outgoing and more social. She does everything she can to make more friends.”

Noor’s platform is ridding the world of bullying, something she has endured. 

“She wants to do a fundraiser or volunteer for an organization that has something to do with bullying. She wants to start a campaign and bring it out to her school so kids don’t get bullied.

“She’s getting out of her comfort zone. She’s keeping up with her A+ average at school. She’s a competitive swimmer. She golfs. We’re just very proud of her and support her in everything she does.”