Calynne Rosholt, a Cactus Shadows High School junior

Calynne Rosholt, a Cactus Shadows High School junior, originally from Cedar Park, Texas, has verbally committed to play golf at ASU starting in 2021.

ASU has produced some of the best golfers in the world, including five-time major champion Phil Mickelson, three-time tournament winner Paul Casey, and Jon Rahm, who has already won five PGA tour events in his short career. 

On the women’s side, countless Sun Devils have made it professionally, including three who have won Rookie of the Year in the Ladies European Tour, or the LPGA. The Sun Devils have just signed another talented golfer who is hoping to bring immediate success to an already talented team. 

Calynne Rosholt, a Cactus Shadows High School junior, originally from Cedar Park, Texas, has verbally committed to play golf at ASU starting in 2021. At Cactus Shadows, Calynne has blown away competition in her last few years attending. 

This past year, Calynne played in nine events, winning four of them and placing no worse than sixth in each of the other five events. Calynne won her first event at the Thunderbird Invitation, where she was the only golfer to finish under par. She then went on to tie for first in the Willie Low Invitational and the Desert Mashie Championship. And her most recent win came at the Chandler City Junior Golf Championship. Calynne knows it’s all about consistency.

“I practice a lot, and I just try to keep a steady mind,” Calynne said. “I just try to keep the same routine every time I go out and play a tournament. Whether it’s with eating or warming up, or what I eat for breakfast, I just try to keep it consistent throughout the three days.” 

That consistency helped Calynne become one of the most consistent golfers in high school, and it made her one of the most wanted recruits in the country. Each win under her belt only improved her confidence. 

“Well, I feel good about the wins, but there are a lot of losses in golf, too,” Calynne said. “I try to move on from past tournaments and keep going and try to stay ready for the next thing coming.” 

Calynne had a lot of great moments this past year, but there was one that stood out to her. 

“Probably winning state, because I’ve only been on a high school golf team for two years,” Calynne said. “It felt really good to win a state tournament for a high school team.” 

The Sun Devils will no doubt enjoy having Calynne on the team, and they will certainly need her to live up to her name if they want to continue having success on the collegiate level. Calynne knew from day one that she wanted to play golf in Phoenix. 

“ASU was always my dream school, but it became bigger when I got into high school,” Calynne said. 

A few years ago, ASU’s successful golfers led the PGA in money earned with close to $20 million in tournament winnings. ASU calls Papago Golf Course home and has one of the best practice facilities in the country, thanks to Phil Mickelson and other notable alumni. Calynne couldn’t be more excited to attend the school of her dreams and continue its great legacy. 

“I am hoping it will just make me a better player and person,” Calynne said. “Even if I don’t become pro, I hope I just come out of it a better person and player.” 

Calynne will join the ASU women’s golf team next fall, and she will hope to lead the Sun Devils in capturing its first national championship in women’s golf for the first time since 2017.