Sunset Cyclery in Anthem

Two men who reportedly stole two $5,000 mountain bikes from Sunset Cyclery in Anthem sit near the store before smashing its windows.

The year didn’t start well for Sunset Cyclery in Anthem. 

Two men with towels wrapped around their heads to hide their identity smashed the store’s windows with large rocks and stole two high-end mountain bikes valued at $5,000, according to owner Cary Westmark. 

The burglary happened around 3:40 a.m. Jan. 2. 

“It was a smash and grab,” Westmark said. “They walked up around 3:20 a.m. and then they sat down behind a wall for about 17 minutes. Then, they threw two big rocks through the window and took off on the bikes.”

Two minutes later, one of the men returned and jumped back through the window, presumably looking for tools, Westmark said. He added that he believed they needed the tool to remove the bikes’ front tires so they would fit in a car. The bikes did not have quick-release front tires.

Westmark and four partners opened Sunset Cyclery in July. The 53-year-old Westmark retired from IT and opened the once-closed shop so Anthem bicyclists wouldn’t have to drive far for servicing.

“Anthem is really an active, family community,” said Westmark, a 14-year Anthem resident. “There are a lot of kids. Half the bikes that come through our shop are moms bringing in their kids’ bikes. About a quarter of the bikes are owned by elderly, retired people who have city bikes to ride around town. The other quarter are mountain bikes. 

“Even though we had a couple high-end bikes in the shop, we’re really a community neighborhood bike shop.”

Westmark was proactive after reporting the burglary to police. He sent an email to bike shop owners around the Valley. 

“I know about 20 or 25 of them,” he said. “They know the bike types, the serial numbers and they know what to look for. There have been three other burglaries like this in Phoenix in the last couple months. The bike shop in Sedona got hit in the last couple months. It was the same style.”

The bikes are Eminent Onset, serial numbers L190244 and 200088.