The Anthem community’s pickleball courts are fully up and running after undergoing repairs. 

A leak was discovered in an under-slab pipe, which could have caused some lifting of the sidewalks that sit adjacent to the courts, according to Kristi Northcutt, Anthem Community Council’s senior director of community relations. 

However, the leak was noticed and addressed before it reached that level that would cause any lifting of those nearby sidewalks, she added. 

“We didn’t want the leaks to get out of hand, so we had to repair it immediately, and by doing so, we were able to keep it offline just for a short amount of time and then get people right back on the courts.”

Pickleball courts five to 10 were closest to the construction area and were temporarily “offline” while the repairs were being performed, Northcutt said. 

Most of the construction took place from March 15 to March 18, however, as of March 23, all the pickleball courts are open for resident use once again.

“The pickleball players are happy,” she said. “They were very accommodating during the repairs, shifting their court play to other courts and they’re very happy that everything’s back in business.”

Northcutt goes to the Anthem Community Center quite frequently and sees that “the courts are busy all day, every day. I know that to be true,” she said with a laugh.

“It doesn’t matter what time of the day I’m there, the courts are busy,” she added. 

Pickleball is cited as America’s fastest-growing sport. The game was invented in the 1960s and combines elements of tennis, table tennis as well as badminton.

Addressing these repairs immediately was important to the ACC, as the award-winning pickleball courts are “highly utilized” by residents and are one of the community’s newest amenities, she said. 

Anthem’s pickleball courts were named “Outdoor Pickleball Facility of the Year” by the American Sports Builder Association in 2019. 

These courts were completed in 2019, one of four projects included in ACC’s Facilities Master Plan. 

—Staff writer Sarah Donahue can be reached at sdonahue@timespublications.com