Age: 81

Years in Cave Creek: 20

Years in Arizona: 20

Education: A.B. from Union College

Job: Retired (last job was deputy director of the NYS Department of Health Center for Environmental Health)

Have you ever served in public office, and if so, when and where? Yes, Cave Creek Town Council

Name your biggest accomplishment while involved in town government that you took the lead on and why that issue is important. I was the council representative on the team, which negotiated the intergovernmental agreement with the Daisy Mountain Fire and Emergency Services. I dealt mostly with emergent policy issues and the simplification of agreement terminology.

Why are you running for council again? What is left for you to do specifically? There are water conservation issues, the interconnect with Phoenix water needed to provide an assured emergency water supply, providing potable water to the west side of town, Protecting the town’s oversight of the annexed open space to the north of town and continued oversight of our budget and expenditures.

Name three recommended changes that would improve town government. (1) I would like to see more effective means of providing information to the residents and obtaining input from those residents on emergent issues. (2) I would like to see a workable term-limit plan developed. (3) We need to have a plan for response to future reductions of available water. 

How would you assess the town’s handling of growth, and what are your top priorities for future growth? My own preference is to control development to the degree already approved. New commercial should be only in the town core or along Carefree Highway. Residential development is acceptable when it is a single residence, when there is a documented water “will serve” letter, or new “wet water” is made available. 

How would you manage the town’s new and growing fire and medical services? That had a lot to do with development of the IGA. I believe that management of the agreement should not be a significant issue.

Do you think Cave Creek should be spending more to support museums, arts and culture in the community? Why or why not? The town budgets money every year to support the museum and other appropriate community organizations. More money could be made available, and it should be in a pre-approved way where it is specifically included in the budget. 

How can the town address concerns about both the quality and quantity of water available to Cave Creek and Desert Hills system users? The town has taken actions over the past few years to improve the taste and quality of our water. There was never a safety issue. New businesses are required to bring water if they don’t already have an approved allocation. The town is also banking water to use in the future.

Is town government sufficiently transparent? Information of expenditures, revenue and actions of the council and planning commission are already available if anyone has put themselves on email lists or access the town’s website. Greater use, by the town, of social media and news media could address some of this issue.