Age: 64

Years in Cave Creek: Five

Years in Arizona: Five

Education: Bachelor of Science from Texas A&M University 

Job: Retired U.S. Marine colonel; small business owner providing IT, engineering and consulting services for DoD and the intelligence community

Have you ever served in public office, and if so, when and where? Yes. I am currently a precinct committeeman for the town of Cave Creek. I served 30 years in the U.S. Marine Corps. I served for seven years as a federal civil servant. 

Prior to your decision to run, how have you been involved in the community and/or in town government-related activities? Yes. I have been a precinct committeeman for Cave Creek for more than three years, and I have spoken at numerous town council meetings. 

What prompted you to run? Looking toward the future of Cave Creek.

What attributes do you bring to the table that would serve Cave Creek well? Retired U.S. Marine colonel, vice president of a $150 million, profit and loss center, and Fortune 500 Company, and small-business owner.

Name three top concerns in Cave Creek and tell how you would solve them. (1) Water, see info below. (2) Development, ensure town ordinances are reviewed and updated to not conflict with the general plan, ensure compliance with zoning ordinances especially for new developments. (3) Encourage sales tax revenue by supporting family-friendly events that involve our small businesses beyond the annual parade and rodeo.

How would you assess the town’s handling of growth, and what are your top priorities for future growth? The town needs to focus on the future. The future requires us to concentrate on three things: water resource management, managed growth and development given increasing commercial building in the I-17 corridor, and preserving our Western heritage.

How would you manage the town’s new and growing fire and medical services? That is the responsibility of the town manager. The council only provides guidance and funding to the town manager on any service provided.

Do you think Cave Creek should be spending more to support museums, arts and culture in the community? Why or why not? Cave Creek is unique in that it is dependent on sales tax as the primary source of revenue. The town should encourage family-style Western events to drive sales tax revenues. Hosting those events will increase revenues, which can be used to enhance support for local artists, craftsmen, museums and other activities.

How can the town address concerns about both the quality and quantity of water available to Cave Creek and Desert Hills system users? Clean the two contaminated wells that are in the town entertainment district and resolve the infrastructure issue on the west side of town. Continue to fight for the Central Arizona Project allocation.

Is town government sufficiently transparent? No. Allow residents input into the town council agendas, and allow open debate on topics raised. Remove the 3-minute time limit allowed per resident in expressing an opinion on agenda items. The town council should have monthly town hall-styled events for businesses and residents to identify and voice concerns.