Eileen Wright

Age: Not answered 

Years in Cave Creek: 18

Years in Arizona: 53

Education: Bachelor of Science 

Job: Not answered

Have you ever served in public office, and if so, when and where? Not answered 

Prior to your decision to run, how have you been involved in the community and/or in town government-related activities? I served as the vice chair of the Cave Creek planning commission and as a Cave Creek councilwoman from 2016-18. As a councilwoman, I authored and introduced numerous, significant legislation such as a drought preparedness plan, water banking and multiyear financial management plan.

What prompted you to run? I have witnessed the destruction of our unique Western lifestyle and large-parcel residential zoning under the current leadership. Enough is enough. We need a strong mayor who isn’t afraid to put herself on the line for the sake of our town and its residents. I am that mayor!

What attributes do you bring to the table that would serve Cave Creek well? I am a leader with the integrity to tell the truth, the charisma to make people listen, and the guts to act on it. I am not beholden to anybody. As mayor I would always keep the residents’ best interest at heart. My experience and knowledge of Cave Creek governance.

Name three top concerns in Cave Creek and tell how you would solve them. Out-of-control spending. Abide by the basic laws of economics — can’t have everything we want, just all we can afford — resulting in a substantial reduction in the budget. Cave Creek’s utilities are not in a healthy position. I would develop a long-term strategic financial management plan.

How would you assess the town’s handling of growth, and what are your top priorities for future growth? The town has failed miserably in managing our growth. I would ensure controlled growth which adheres to the general plan, all codes and ordinances with no exceptions. I would protect Cave Creek’s most rugged and beautiful desert. I would not allow it to be lost in a sea of development. 

How would you manage the town’s new and growing fire and medical services? The three assumptions used by the town’s expert to convince the town to enter into a long-term financial commitment for fire service were unsupportable. The current economic conditions will not support those financial obligations. I will review our commitments to Daisy Mountain Fire to make revisions where possible. 

Do you think Cave Creek should be spending more to support museums, arts and culture in the community? Why or why not? I do not have sufficient information to answer this question.

How can the town address concerns about both the quality and quantity of water available to Cave Creek and Desert Hills system users? Proactively seek out and secure alternative water resources and arrangements such as Salt River Project Bartlett Dam expansion project to augment our CAP allocation. Aggressively implement a plan to spin off ownership of the Desert Hills Water Company. Prepare a drought preparedness plan. Strictly enforce the water master plan.

Is town government sufficiently transparent? No! The town utilizes executive sessions to preclude residents’ participation and knowledge. In the last three-plus years there have been approximately 100 executive sessions, most of which were unnecessary and unwarranted. Democracy dies in darkness. As mayor, I would eliminate unnecessary executive sessions. Institute Thursday mayor meeting with residents’ participation.