Bob Morris

Age: 74

Years in Cave Creek: 20

Years in Arizona: Native; family arrived in territorial days

Education: Bachelor of Science engineering, chemical engineering

Job: Petrochemical executive; now retired

Have you ever served in public office, and if so, when and where? Six years on the water advisory committee, including chair, and two terms as councilman.

Name your biggest accomplishment while involved in town government that you took the lead on and why that issue is important. I led, with colleagues, the utility system improvements (many dozens) including the Phoenix backup water project, stopped subsidies to outside communities, reduced water losses, improved financial transparency, budgeting practices, corrected legacy/deceptive accounting practices, water banking and new water purchase, and landslide victory for the general plan.

Why are you running for council again? What is left for you to do specifically? Water improvements must be built, traffic safety and enforcement improved, financial controls improved, Colorado River water issues resolved, water conservation implemented, the rodeo grounds purchased/improved, human resource management strengthened, and the town zoning and general plan protected.

Name three recommended changes that would improve town government. Modern human resource practices implemented, stop subsidies to developers, prepare for Colorado River issues, finish the water system safety and reliability work.

How would you assess the town’s handling of growth, and what are your top priorities for future growth? Infrastructure — like water, sewer, fire protection — was neglected, so legacy handling was very poor. Water supplies will force changes across the state. Residential growth is not on my priority list. Commercial business health, sales taxes and commerce must be protected to pay for free fire protection.

How would you manage the town’s new and growing fire and medical services? That is done. The issue now is financial. Emergency capability is extraordinary, consistent, and contracted to Daisy Mountain. I was instrumental in developing plans and actions to pay $5 million for our planned two fire stations.

Do you think Cave Creek should be spending more to support museums, arts and culture in the community? Why or why not? Yes! As a rodeo committee member and horseman, stabilizing the rodeo and acquiring/improving the grounds is critical. The town’s financial strength will allow substantial financial support. We must target funds to amenities once the critical fire and water plans are finished. 

How can the town address concerns about both the quality and quantity of water available to Cave Creek and Desert Hills system users? There is no water quality issue, and it is irresponsible to suggest there is. The town submits reports yearly to customers and is highly regulated. About 17% more CAP water was purchased this year and will be banked.

Is town government sufficiently transparent? The information is there for anyone to see by Arizona state law. Attendance at council meetings, hearings and committees is normally just a couple of people. If elected, I will allow public comment on all agenda issues.