Age: 73

Years in Carefree: 24

Years in Arizona: 24

Education: B.J., University of Texas at Austin

Job: Retired


Have you served in public office and, if so, when and where? Yes, Carefree Town Council

Name your biggest accomplishment while involved in town government that you took the lead on and why that issue is important. Working on the solution to bring safe, reliable water to all of the town’s residents. The water consolidation project not only does that but also ensures that supply for the years ahead as we face a major drought.

Why are you running for council again, what is left for you to do specifically? There are still things to do. Most importantly, finding ways to increase revenues to cover police and fire service. Also, to finish making our roadways safe for pedestrians and getting consistent signage throughout the town.

Name three recommended changes that would improve town government. (1) Encourage more citizens to participate in the process upfront. (2) Hopefully keep a council that works well together; listening to each other with respect and solving differences together. (3) Honestly, I think the town’s government is working pretty well as it is, not that there can’t always be improvements.

How would you assess the town’s handling of growth and what are your top priorities for future growth? Our economic development plan seeks to maintain our quality residential neighborhoods for which we are known. However, we are seeking to find complementary parts that will help enhance our sales tax-centric financial model and help offset the need to raise additional taxes. The plan is focused on areas which have non-residential uses. 

Name something you would change in town government that would improve it. I believe our town government works pretty well within the parameters of legislated guidelines. The only thing that would help, and it is not feasible on our operating budget, is to have more employees helping out. Right now, most of our staff fills two or more jobs.

How has your public service benefited Carefree? I helped get the water consolidation project approved and moving, worked with signage experts to improve the town’s way finding, and worked with traffic engineers to make our streets and crosswalks safer. I am involved with working with economic development to find ways to increase revenues without changing the makeup of our community.

Do you support the town center revitalization project? Why or why not? Yes. We are not looking to change the identity of Carefree. Our revitalization projects seek to maintain and protect our quality residential areas. We are seeking to find complementary parts that will enhance our sales tax centric financial model and offset the need to raise additional taxes, like the Hampton Inn.

Do you think Carefree should be spending more to support museums, arts and culture in the community? Why or why not? We are already a venue for music, live theater, garden seminars and have a number of fine art galleries in town. We do everything to support those using our town as a venue.

How would you manage the continuing acquisition and expansion of the Carefree Water Company? This is mostly finished. The construction of the water reservoir is the last stage of the conversion of all homes in our community to receive water from the Carefree Water Company. Once the reservoir is finished in the next month or two, we will be done.

Is town government sufficiently transparent? What changes would you advocate? I believe we are. All decisions and meetings are open to the public. Three or more of us never gather in private, protecting rights and ensuring the public has a say in decisions. Sometimes we have executive sessions, but this is for sensitive issues that cannot be discussed in open forums.