John Crane

Age: 66

Years in Carefree: 33

Years in Arizona: 35

Education: B.S. Mathematics, Villanova University; M.S.

Systems Management, University of Southern California; US Navy Nuclear Power School andSubmarine School

Job: Sales Representative of materials and equipment used to make semiconductors, JH Crane & Associates, Inc. (28 years) owner


Have you served in public office and, if so, when and where? Carefree town council 2012 to present; Carefree vice mayor 2015 to present.

Prior to your decision to run, how have you been involved in the community and/or in town government-related activities? Served as a Carefree councilmember and vice mayor, planning and zoning commissioner, Desert Foothills Land Trust vice chair, Maricopa County Parks and Recreation commissioner, an HOA president and a hands-on supporter of virtually every town-initiated community event in the past 10 years. A 33-year Carefree resident.

What prompted you to run? A passion to serve and bring value to the community. Driven by the desire to successfully complete the integration of all Carefree residents into the Carefree Water Company, build a community consensus to ensure financially sound, quality fire protection and encourage economic development without compromising the character of our community.

What do you bring to the table that would serve Carefree well? Experience having served as a Carefree councilmember and vice mayor. Intimate knowledge of the town’s ongoing water integration and public safety challenges. Successful small business owner of 28 years and a fiscal conservative. Demonstrated respectful listener, engaging with residents and business owners. Analytical thought process. I know Carefree.

Name three top concerns in Carefree and tell how you would solve them. (1) Reliable/quality water: Complete the integration of all residents into the Carefree Water Company; encourage water conservation; and explore water charging. (2) Arrive at a consensus for a financially sound fire protection system to ensure public safety. (3) Encourage responsible economic development within the town without compromising the character of the town.

How would you assess the town’s handling of growth and what are your top priorities for future growth? The town has worked to balance development and sales tax revenue generation while preserving the Sonoran Desert, maintaining the character of our town, bringing development with value for our residents and generating sales tax on the periphery of the town and in the town core so as to minimize impact.

Name something you would change in town government that would improve it. Approve sensible term limits with staggered four-year terms ensuring continuity and preserving institutional knowledge and experience, making for more effective and stronger councilmembers better positioned to engage with town staff and mind resident’s interests. Term limits will legislate turn over, bringing in new candidates. Vote yes on Proposition 474.

Do you support the town center revitalization project? Why or why not? Yes. The town center must have a robust commercial base to help fund town operations and expanding needs. Development initiatives must be balanced with the sensitivity of maintaining the character of our town, bringing development that brings value to our residents and generating sales tax revenue.

Do you think Carefree should be spending more to support museums, arts and culture in the community? Why or why not? While Carefree, given our limited budget, cannot spend more to support museums, arts and culture, we can make our gardens and pavilion available, work with Thunderbird Artists to allow quality art festivals in our streets and act as a facilitator to make connections and enable related events within our town.

How would you manage the continuing acquisition and expansion of the Carefree Water Company? Complete moving all Carefree residents onto the Carefree Water Company, complete underground tank construction and work with adjacent neighbors to plant vegetation to address their concerns. Prop 472 would require removal and relocation of the water tank at a cost of millions of dollars. Vote no on Proposition 472.

Is town government sufficiently transparent? What changes would you advocate? While Carefree complies with all transparency and open meeting laws, I will continue, as I have as vice mayor, to immerse myself in the community, listening and speaking with residents. Each council member will be brought to the table, leveraging their strengths and expertise, making them part of every discussion.