Totally Rolled Ice Cream

Customers can choose from 10 flavors of handmade ice cream rolls or create their own with an assortment of fruits, cereals and sweets.

Steve Frazer brought his Totally Rolled Ice Cream to Arizona with the hopes that it would keep him occupied while he and his family lived here in the winter. 

It became more than that. It’s now a full-time job. 

“A lot of my friends out here had never had my homemade ice cream,” said Frazer, who lives in Iowa during the summer.

His truck has become so popular he’s looking for someone to run it in the summer.

Introduced to the Valley in June 2019, Totally Rolled Ice Cream offered homemade treats based on Frazer’s recipes. Customers can choose from 10 flavors or create their own with an assortment of fruits, cereals and sweets. Frazer’s brick and mortar in Iowa has more than 100 mixing options. 

The ice cream starts out as a vanilla liquid base, which is then moved to a freezing mix plate to mix everything together, then freezes within a minute. Through trial and error, Frazer came up with a homemade recipe that continues to satisfy. Once frozen, it is rolled, then served to the customer.

“Everybody’s always asking how I created it, but probably the best part is all my customers say it’s the best-tasting ice cream they’ve had in their life,” Frazer said. 

“It makes me feel good. My wife says ‘You’re always selling smiles, not ice cream.’” 

Cookie dough is one of his most popular flavors, along with the Dana Delight, which is named after his wife, and is mixed with fresh strawberries.

Frazer drives to Iowa to use its ice cream because the state’s ice cream has better consistency. He recently returned from a drive there to stock up for orders through April.

Despite the COVID-19 restrictions, Frazer’s business has been able to thrive because he is privately booked to appear at parties, events or neighborhoods. 

“Every weekend beginning April 20 until the end of October is almost 75% booked already,” Frazer said.

Because his schedule is so busy, Frazer isn’t always available to serve the public. He posts his Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday public appearances — which are heavily in Desert Hills, Anthem and Cave Creek — on social media pages. 

“It’ll be the best ice cream you’ve had in your life I guarantee it,” Frazer said.

Totally Rolled Ice Cream