Red Hawk Garage Suites

Red Hawk Garage Suites will be a 48,000-square-foot facility with five buildings of garage suites and spaces.

A new car and RV suite-style garage space is coming to North Phoenix.

Charles Eckert Jr., the owner of Red Hawk Garage Suites and managing director of Red Hawk Development, said many people who buy an RV or old car with the intention to refurbish and fix it up don’t have the space to properly store it.

That’s where Red Hawk Garage Suites comes in.

The garage investment has enough space to store cars, trucks or RVs, along with repair equipment and tools.

“People who have high-end cars, boats, motorcycles, trailers, haulers, ATVs, off-road vehicles and particularly RVs need to have someplace to put this stuff,” Eckert said. “Red Hawk Garage Suites offer a solution to that so that all of this stuff at your house and in your garage has a place to be stored in.”

Located at the southeast corner of 15th Avenue and Happy Valley Road, the privately owned facility will have 46 garages with fully insulated walls, a 14-by-14-foot powered garage door, and 24/7 camera-monitored security and access.

Rather than renting a space and paying a monthly fee, the garage suites are sold to customers, who can then customize them as they see fit.

Red Hawk will also feature an 800-square-foot members clubhouse with bathrooms, TVs, on-site internet, a full wet bar and outdoor patio.

With less reliance on planes and public transportation in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, travelers were encouraged to drive and take road trips — some even taking up van and RV lifestyles, Eckert said. But after a road trip, many RVers are left without a proper place to store their vehicles safely. Even if the owners have an RV garage, he said it’s usually just a tall awning that doesn’t protect the RV from heat or other weather elements.

Eckert wants Red Hawk garages to appeal to those RVers, who don’t have a place to properly store and protect their RVs while not on the road.

“There are homeowners associations that won’t let you park an RV at your house or have an RV garage,” he said. “We offer a solution so all this stuff — instead of being at your house — all the stuff that’s in your garage and your RV, if you have one, can be stored in the Red Hawk Garage Suites.”

Eckert, who has been a contractor in the Deer Valley area for 20 years, picked this area because he sees an especially present RV market.

“The competition is really focused in the Scottsdale area, and the cost to construct in Scottsdale is sky high right now,” Eckert said. “I know the Deer Valley market very well, and I wanted to go someplace where people could really use one of these suites, and North Phoenix had the best demographics for it.”

The 48,000-square-foot facility is still under construction.

Nick Veldman, owner of Venn Construction, has already been involved with the collector car industry, such as sponsoring high-end car production magazine Highline Autos, which publishes every first Saturday of the month.

Veldman and Eckert met through mutual connections. Afterward, Venn signed on to the project.

“This town has a lot of really great houses and not a lot of really great garages,” Veldman said. “We’re very excited to be a part of this project, and at that location, we think this product is really going to take off.”

Eckert said the plan is for Red Hawk to open its garage suites in three phases, based off of the three areas of the facility.

The first phase, building A, has 19 suites and is nearly sold out. The second phase will add 27 garage suites, while the third phase will increase the facility’s size by yet another 30 suites.

Eckert said the remaining spaces are in high demand, so he expects to possibly sell out by the time the facilities are fully operational.

Ideally, he plans for the first phase to open by this fall.

“Red Hawk Garage Suites is as much of a lifestyle as it is a storage unit,” Eckert said. “These garage suites are perfect solutions for car collectors and RVers, and your imagination is the only limit to what you can do inside the garage.”