Millions of Americans suffer from chronic pain, substance abuse and dependency on prescription medications. In Tempe and Deer Valley, Recovia offers a variety of recovery programs and professional support to contribute to the long-term success of those who are suffering from addiction, pain and mental health issues.

Recovia launched in 2015, and its programs are based on an interdisciplinary treatment model that combines medical, behavioral and holistic treatments, including physical therapy and rehabilitation, family and nutrition counseling, yoga and lifestyle evaluation and development.

The primary outpatient detox program is between six to eight weeks, with patients participating in a specially developed daily schedule anywhere from three to five days a week.

“About 70% of patients have some form of long-term chronic pain, which can be daunting for people who have been dealing with the pain for years or even decades,” said Lance Fritz, Recovia’s chief strategy and business development officer.

“We also help those who don’t have a medication dependency, just behavioral and mental health issues. We’re very unique in what we do and how we approach patients and their needs.”

Recovia’s program director, Devin Lincenberg, added, “We have really good outcomes and get great feedback from patients who say we’re the first place that has actually helped them.

“By looking at the whole person and offering them a combination of the mind and body experience, they can really focus on themselves, feel heard, and are able to address all the issues they have going on instead of doing just one thing. It helps them make of lot of changes really fast.”

Most of the programs are three hours and their team will work with patients to create schedules that will work best for them. During their time at Recovia, patients enjoy a combination of individual therapy sessions with a behavioral health counselor to group psychotherapy classes.

“Each hour is very purposeful, and our patients get to meet and connect with others in the group classes who are going through similar experiences,” Lincenberg said.

Recovia’s state-of-the-art facilities feature advanced rehabilitation equipment in a pleasant environment.

“It’s a warm and welcoming place, which is one of the most shocking things to patients,” Fritz said. “It doesn’t matter whether you’re on Medicaid, Medicare, workers’ comp or something else—everyone is treated the same and there’s no judgment here. It’s a great place where people can come and feel supported and safe.”

As a result of COVID-19, Recovia started offering virtual programs and services in March to continue to help patients on their journey to recovery.

“Our virtual care clinic mimics the entire program that we offer in order to help our patients get to the next level,” Lincenberg said. “We’re offering a variety of treatments, as well as individual therapy and group sessions online. Patients receive a link to their schedule for the day so they can easily continue with the program. Our clinics are open and we’re still seeing patients in-person, but those that have chosen to go virtual have definitely benefited as well.  It’s a great way for us to continue to see patients.”

Fritz added, “Going virtual has also helped patients that are dealing with transportation issues. If you live an hour away from the clinic, it’s hard to commit to coming in multiple days a week, but if you have a smart phone or computer with a video camera, you can continue to participate without losing any gains that you’ve made during the program.”

Recovia’s team of licensed medical staff includes professional counselors and medical directors who all work closely together for a successfully integrated treatment program. 

“One of the difficult things in a general practice is the communication between team members,” Lincenberg said. “We have regular meetings where we all discuss what’s going on with each patient so that we can provide the best care possible.”

“Everybody gets the same information and knows what all the other specialists are doing,” Fritz said. “It’s all designed to be integrated, even the way they speak to patients, and is done with a purposeful passion. We are also looking to add more providers to our team.”

Recovia is committed to refining and improving its services, and Post-Program Supportive Care is also available so patients can maintain and continue their long-term success after completing the program. 

“In some fields it takes a long time to see change, but here we see it every day,” Lincenberg said. “It’s incredibly rewarding to see patients make changes in their lives and maintain those changes in the long term.”

Fritz added, “Being able to help people by saving lives and families is the most rewarding thing I’ve ever been involved in. Many of those that have been forced to live with chronic pain often withdraw and become less functional. For me, the best part is seeing those people start to turn a corner after being here for several weeks and become someone their family recognizes again. It’s like giving someone a rebirth.”

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