Since becoming a licensed real estate agent in 1999, Cave Creek resident Renee Tulliani has seen a lot of changes in the market and reinvented herself over the course of her career.

She started out working with first-time homebuyers before moving to luxury listings and land. Then, after the market crash in 2008, she handled real estate-owned properties for lenders and homeowners during the financial crisis.

Inspired by her experiences in the industry, Tulliani came up with the idea for Dealty—a digital real estate platform that would improve and simplify the homebuying and selling process for consumers.

“Most people look for properties online before they contact an agent,” Tulliani said.

“What has happened over the years is that when agents put their listings onto the MLS (multiple listing service), their potential buyers are sold as leads to other agents. When you send an email inquiring about a property you’ve seen on a realty site, the person who responds to you isn’t the listing agent—it’s someone who has bought your lead. There was very little out there that would allow everyone to be on one open platform, and buyers and sellers tend to be limited in what they can do aside from listing their property on Zillow.”

Dealty officially launched in 2020 and removes the need for an agency or middleman, which gives buyers and sellers full control, in addition to maximum equity. It also eliminates the confusion that comes with third-party listing sites. Interested buyers can create an account to search and browse listings and communicate directly with homeowners on the platform. Sellers can use the site to determine the value of their home, set the price they want and list their property on the site.

“Using Dealty’s internal messaging system, buyers can reach out to sellers directly to schedule an open house or make an offer,” explained Tulliani. “Another thing we’re working on at the moment is having all the contracts and documents that buyers and sellers need auto-populate in the system. We’re looking to simplify the process, make it transparent and create more of a streamline so that everyone has a good experience.”

“We’re very big believers in the idea that the person that controls the access owns the property,” added Gary Stringer, chief financial officer of Dealty. “With our platform, they have all the tools available to help them make great decisions during the selling process.”

The platform is free for buyers, and homeowners can list their first property free of charge. For $79 per month, sellers who sign up for Dealty’s premium package can upload unlimited listings. Sellers can also use the site to schedule a photographer to take pictures of their home for an additional fee.

After launching in Arizona, Dealty has expanded to Washington and Idaho. At the moment, Tulliani and Stringer are focusing their efforts on the West Coast, but they have plans to grow across the nation gradually. They’re also looking to grow their network by adding five-star-rated title companies and loan officers to the platform, as well as homebuilders so that people can have access to everything they need in one place.

“The response from sellers has been fantastic,” said Tulliani. “They’re very excited and grateful to have another platform where they can list their property. It’s a homeowner-driven platform, but we’re very Realtor friendly. Some agents have been a bit skeptical, but we’re not trying to take business away from anyone, and we don’t sell buyer leads. Dealty removes the need for competition between agents and creates a more genuine relationship between them and the homebuyer.”

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