Anastasia Smith and Jim Smith

Anastasia Smith and Jim Smith with their French Bulldog named Peter at the Cookies N Clean store on April 10, 2021 in Phoenix, AZ

Cookies N Clean has been an Anthem staple for self-service dog grooming since 2012, however it has been under new ownership since mid-February.

Located in the Tramonto marketplace just off of Carefree Highway and North Valley Parkway, Cookies N Clean has always prided itself on its convenience for customers and its tasty treats for its favorite furry friends. In addition, Cookies N Clean is also looking to incorporate the community of Anthem into their store. 

“We’re trying to put a big focus on our local community,” said Anastasia Smith, who co-owns it with her husband, Jim. 

“We’re working on bringing in more handmade or locally made vendors to support other small businesses in the area.”

The company started growing local businesses by bringing the cookies back to Cookies N Clean.

“We started with cookies,” Smith said. “The business used to make their own cookies in house and, at some point, got away from that. So, we are implementing the cookies part of Cookies N Clean again.”

However, the cookies will be a bit different this time around. 

“We won’t be making them in house but instead are outsourcing to local creators,” Smith said. 

“We brought in a gal who started her cookie/biscuit business in October called Sully’s Great Snacks. This is her first store, but she’s been doing fantastic, and she makes awesome biscuits.” 

Sully’s Great Snacks have been well received by customers and have rave reviews.

“She makes a lot of fresh jerky out of salmon, beef liver and turkey, but she is best known for her pumpkin-peanut butter dog biscuits,” Smith said. 

Cookies aren’t the only thing the Smiths are trying to incorporate into their new business. They’re planning events, once it’s safe. 

“We are really hoping to bring in a lot of training to help people train their dogs,” Smith said. “We want to create local events to bring the community together.” 

Smith also hopes to shine light on local artists and would like to have artists create murals inside the large walls that line Cookies N Clean. 

More importantly, the Smiths hope to surround themselves with people who are passionate about their animals. 

“We’re also focusing on quality and we care about the dogs that come in the door,” Smith said. “People are really into their dogs and we’re really into our dogs. We wanted a place where people could come to spend some time with their dog that’s not stressful and not pushy or hurried.” 

Formerly of Seattle, the Smiths have only owned Cookies N Clean for about a month. The husband-and-wife team is passionate about the area, though. 

“My husband and I have had dogs forever and he worked at a self-wash dog wash when he was in high school,” Smith said. 

“When we moved to Arizona, this business came up for sale and was something we were both interested in. We took over three weeks ago and, so far, it’s been up and going and every time we put out a promotion more people are coming in.”

Cookies N Clean has also launched a series of membership programs, which range from $23 to $40. It allows customers to receive an unlimited number of washes, groomings and nail clippings for their dog depending on the chosen program. 

When they are not running their business, Jim and Anastasia can be seen at various community events and plan to attend Anthem Days next. 

“We’re excited to be here, excited to be learning about the community and we’re excited about dogs so everybody’s welcome,” she said.