Hipster businessman commuter with electric bicycle traveling to work in city.

Lectric eBikes 

2010 W. Parkside Lane, Unit 150, Phoenix



Since Levi Conlow and Robby Deziel founded Lectric eBikes in May 2019, the 24-year-olds have taken the electric bike market by storm. 

The company recently opened its first showroom, in Deer Valley, that features its original electric XP bike as well as the newer step-thru version. The showroom is in front of its warehouse. 

“The showroom has been in the conversation for a while now,” Conlow said. “We want a place to interact with our customers and allow them to put a face to the brand, and that tangible connection that you can make with a customer is very important.”

Previously, the duo worked out of their North Phoenix warehouse, and before that a “garage in a crummy little place,” Conlow said.

“As we grew progressively, that number of people requesting (a test ride) has really just been barreling down on us, so we just decided that this is a nice service for our customers and this is something that fortunately had a very high diversion rate,” Conlow said.

Heading the showroom is manager Luke Johnson.

“Not long ago we were just a team of about seven or eight, and now there is about 20 of us,” Conlow said. “We are just growing very quickly.”

Johnson is charged with running the test rides through the showroom that are scheduled online or through one of the customer service representatives.

“Once they book an appointment, they get a notification with our warehouse address and where to go,” Johnson said. “They will pull up to our location and the first thing that they see when they walk in the door is my smiling face and our bright neon Lectric eBikes sign—it’s really a cool touch.”

To personalize the test ride experience, Johnson then asks: “Where are you coming from? How will our bike fill your needs? What are you looking for with and e-bike?”

“Let’s say a couple shows up. I will take each person on each test ride individually,” Johnson said. “The reason being is that most husbands like to ride a little faster than the wives, and the wives like to start a little bit slower with the pedal assist and just get used to the feel of the bike right away. Each individual test ride is specifically made for each test rider.”

The showroom offers something for all five senses, including the neon sign; music playing in the background; water in the fridge; and a comfortable room temperature.

“The customer experience is something that you wouldn’t experience in a typical retail location,” Johnson said. “It’s all personalized and suited to each customer’s needs.”

Initially Johnson was conducting socially distanced test rides every hour throughout the day, but because of the high demand he now does test rides every 45 minutes.

“We’re still practicing social distancing, and we’re still only allowing one rider per their allotted time period, but we are fitting more into the schedule that way,” Johnson said.

Masks are required in the building, but they can be removed while riding the bike outside on the test ride. Hand sanitizer is also available throughout the showroom, and each bike is wiped down with Clorox wipes.

“Our bikes are highly sought after, and we have waiting lists sometimes as long as 14 weeks and all that nonsense,” Conlow said. “It’s a really cool problem to have, but it’s still a problem.”

According to Conlow, while the rest of the electric bike market has been down because of the pandemic, revenue has been significantly increased.

“Our October compared to last October, we are up 650%,” Conlow said. “It started off as a snowball effect, and now it feels like there’s rockets attached to the back of it.”

That’s because of the deal the company offers to people who come into the Deer Valley showroom. 

“If someone really wants to get riding, they actually have an opportunity to come into our showroom, do a test ride and then they can actually walk away with one of our bikes,” Conlow said.

“It’s one of our scratch-and-dent bikes, but it works out great because a scratch-and-dent bike is usually from a minor cosmetic damage that occurred during the shipping process and that customer that received it might not have wanted it. We want to make them happy, so we swap out their bikes and now we have this bike with a scratch on it and we make that available to customers out of the Phoenix showroom.”

People drive upward of eight to nine hours to test ride the bikes. 

“They don’t only save money on these scratch and dents, but they also save time from shipping,” Johnson said. “Right now, the shipping time is right around three weeks for a new bike.”

The savings on purchasing a scratch-and-dent bike is equal to between $70 to $130 off from the initial $899 for a new bike.

“For the test riders coming in, I would say about 85% of them walk away with a bike,” Johnson said. “It’s a really cool thing for our local customers and, as Levi said, some not so local can actually walk away with a bike much sooner than ordering one online.”

Conlow and Johnson are happy with how business is running right now and look forward to seeing how it progresses in the future.

“We’re all about just getting people riding and getting people riding as fast as possible,” Conlow said. “We want to get as many people riding as possible and being able to get those people who are a little antsy and really looking to go out and hit the road right away, for them to be able to come in and get one of our bikes is a cool offering that we have.”