Kendallwood Design

Kendallwood Design can offer unique insight when helping customers develop their project. 

Dale Kendall’s introduction into woodworking began in high school, when he built grandfather clocks. 

After that, he turned to furniture building, specifically high-end, custom furniture. What happened next paved the way to his woodworking career and Kendallwood Design. 

Kendall created furniture to resemble antique pieces, which made a big impact on those with whom he worked.  

“It got to the point that some interior designers couldn’t tell the difference between my furniture and actual antiques,” Kendall said.

Interior designers were sold on the quality of his work. So, for many years, he made coffee tables, home entertainment centers, office furniture, and anything needed to finish a home, plus residential and commercial cabinetry work. 

Working with interior designers taught him to look at the project from the customer’s point of view.

“They trained us,” Kendall said. “Interior designers are highly detailed and highly critical. The caliber of their designs is high, and we had to rise to the occasion.”

Early on, he partnered with John Foley and, even after 40 years on the job, they are still “young at heart.” It’s obvious that they love what they do, which has translated into many happy customers. 


Remodel focus

After years of building furniture and cabinetry, they went in a different direction: remodeling, primarily of kitchens and bathrooms. Whole-house renovating includes stove, countertops, flooring, moving walls and more. 

Their approach to working with customers is to develop a relationship of trust from the start by being upfront about timelines and costs. 

“Customers appreciate transparency,” he said. “For them it’s not just a remodel but a part of their life.”

These days, many appliances and fixtures are backordered, so Kendallwood is careful about timing.

“The last thing a homeowner wants is a kitchen torn up for weeks. We don’t do that until we have product in hand.” 

With its background in interior design, Kendallwood Design can offer unique insight when helping customers develop their project. 

“If you have a specific budget, why not get the double whammy of a remodeler with design experience?”

As Kendall moves forward, he knows he won’t completely stop woodworking. In fact, he’s located one of his original grandfather clocks he built years ago, and he has plans to refinish it and gift it to his daughter.