Often overlooked by tourists, Janey’s Coffee Co. & Bodega has offered locals a place to relax with a cup of coffee in the mornings and with a beer and live music in the evenings.

Julian Corles has owned the restaurant and entertainment venue since 2014 but has aimed to keep the original owner’s concept alive and successful. 

“When I first took it over, one of the promises I made was not to screw this up,” Corles said. 

Janey’s was founded in 2010 by a woman named Sam (Jane) Gesell and the restaurant was named after her and her mom’s middle names, both of which were Jane. 

Corles said Sam and her eventual husband, Mitch, owned the restaurant together for about three and a half years before they moved on.

“They ran this place for about three and a half years and then realized it was tough to get a day off,” Corles said with a laugh. 

Corles has a degree and background in hotel and restaurant management and the timing worked perfectly for him to purchase Janey’s.

Corles spent 10 years in corporate restaurant management before switching to the insurance field before being laid off in 2009. Unsure of his next move, Corles gave restaurant management another shot.

He purchased Tempe’s The Mad Hatter Pub with a partner and, after four months, he left that business after he and the partner could not agree on the bar’s direction.

When Corles visited his dad in Cave Creek, he learned Janey’s was for sale.

He was intrigued by the name and concept and wanted to see it up close.

“I came out on a Friday night and saw that there was live music, 12 beers on tap and a nice restaurant,” Corles said. 

Corles was so impressed with the layout and concept, he immediately wanted to make an offer.

“I came back the next day and was impressed with what I saw. The numbers made sense, and this looked like a place that would get me away from corporate America,” Corles said. 

After taking over, Corles kept what worked and expanded on what made Janey’s a staple.

“I kept things the same, but I started expanding the hours a bit, started offering the full menu during live music and added more shows to where we’re doing live shows nine to 10 times a week,” Corles said. 

Live music can be heard just about any time customers walk into Janey’s Coffee Co. & Bodega, however, the most reliable times to see performances are 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturdays and 3 to 6 p.m. Sundays.

Janey’s welcomes artists from around the Valley but has seen a considerable number of Anthem acts come through. Fans can see Anthem-based guitarist Bill Dutcher on Saturday, July 3, and Thursday, July 15. Singer Sophia Humbert will perform Tuesday, July 27.

Customers can treat themselves to wine tastings on Wednesdays and beer on “Tap Takeover Thursdays,” during which breweries offer samples.

Guests who are looking for a place to relax and enjoy a beverage, Janey’s has a selection for just about anyone. 

“Everybody feels comfortable coming in here whether it’s their first time or they’re here seven or eight times a week,” Corles said. 

“Customers love how relaxed it is here and how they can kick back in a comfy chair or outside on the patio and listen to music.” 

The staff gives Janey’s a homey feeling.

“What customers love most is that there’s always someone here that’s friendly and some know the regular’s orders by heart,” Corles said. 

Though it is more secluded than other restaurants on Cave Creek Road, Janey’s thrives off being a place for its locals. 

“We’re a little off the beaten track,” Corles said.

“We’re a little hidden and don’t get the foot traffic that some of the other places get during the tourist season. This is a place that the locals enjoy coming to so where we lose some of the seasonal customers, we get thelocals who know they can have their restaurant back.”