Joyce Rockwood

Joyce Rockwood connected her eating habits and emotional state to dive deeper into her own health.

Growing up in New York, Joyce Rockwood always wanted to help when she saw people struggling with lethargy and unhappiness. 

During her 10-year career in advertising, Rockwood dove deeper into her own health and connected the dots between her eating habits and her emotional state. 

“I started to change my eating habits because I noticed when I ate certain ways, I felt much more enthusiastic about life and much more emotionally elevated,” Rockwood said.

Practicing out of the North Valley, Rockwood is now a gut health expert, a gravity-based certified colon hydrotherapist, doTERRA essential oils educator/distributor and an enthusiastic proponent of well-being. 

Her practice is a long time coming. During her childhood, Rockwood noticed her dad struggling with anxiety and depression and concluded the conditions were the result of eating highly processed foods. 

As for Rockwood, she struggled with immune, weight and skin issues from her teens to early twenties. Some skin issues were so serious that she wound up in the hospital. 

“I was so swollen that I looked in the mirror and didn’t even know who I was,” Rockwood said. 

She got rid of the excess weight that didn’t budge from eating what she thought was a healthy diet. Her skin issues cleared up and she went a year without falling ill.

Rockwood wants everyone to be healthy, so she encourages colon hydrotherapy, which she has practiced for 25 years. 

She asks her clients to subscribe to what she calls her three-pillar methodology: nourishment, detoxification and rejuvenation. 

For nourishment, Rockwood tells clients it’s not what they eat but the combination of it that yields the biggest results digestive, sleep, skin and immunity changes. 

“I work with people helping them to re-establish their connection to what proper nourishment truly looks like,” Rockwood said.

She does this through “food combining.”

“Food combining is a philosophy where I teach people that certain pairing of foods is going to optimize their digestion, increase their bowel function and gain more energy,” Rockwood said. 

Rockwood also reminds her clients that the gut is a second brain and is where 95% of the body’s serotonin is created, according to her research. 

“A lot of people won’t come to me saying I’m having digestive issues, they’ll come to me saying I need help getting better sleep or I just want to have more energy,” Rockwood said. 

Rockwood also teaches her clients about the benefits of vegetable juicing, which is similar to shampooing hair.

“The juices are the shampoo for our digestive system and all of our organs to start loosening up all the embedded poisons and toxins that are inhibiting us from feeling all the things we should be feeling throughout our lives,” Rockwood said. 

During the detoxification phase, Rockwood stresses the importance of what’s going in and out of her clients’ bodies. 

“If people are only focusing on what’s going into their bodies and not what’s coming out, that’s like dipping your toes into the ocean and not exploring what’s beneath,” Rockwood said.

This is when she encourages colon hydrotherapy. 

“Healing the body and detoxifying is a two-step process,” Rockwood said. “You nourish first, but then you have to alleviate the poisons that the nourishing food loosens up internally which is where the colon hydrotherapy came into play.” 

However, Rockwood said clients must use both pillars to achieve proper bowel function.

“The truth of the matter is that I don’t know anyone who can do this work and experience the true results that the proper diet has to offer if we’re not functioning on the bowel,” Rockwood says. 

Her final pillar is rejuvenation, which includes the use of essential oils and natural forms of health care. 

“With essential oils, what I’m doing is I’m teaching people an affordable, safe and natural way that’s extraordinarily effective to support whole body health by allowing the toxins in the body to get out,” Rockwood said. 

Rockwood learned about essential oils six years ago and they’ve become an immensely powerful tool within her line of work. She offers monthly training and food preparation demonstrations and tastings at the Nova North Valley apartment complex.

To build her clientele, Rockwood partners with businesses to help their employees improve their health and shed that last pound. 

“Most of the time I’m working with purpose-driven entrepreneurs, busy professionals, fitness and health experts and enthusiasts who are on some kind of a path,” Rockwood said. 

“Most of the time, people are coming to me when they are struggling because they think they are doing everything right but they’re not getting the results they want.” 

Though Rockwood helps people alter their lives physically, her goal goes beyond the body. 

“When I work with someone, I want to make them feel that they have reclaimed their physical and emotional vibrancy,” Rockwood said. “The true success, though, is when my clients look and feel like they’re aging in reverse.”